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Thursday 11th February 2016
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10 Remarkable People LBC Spoke To In 2013

Thursday 19th December 2013

LBC is your radio station. We have record listening figures thanks to the amazing calls we receive from our listeners.

lbc microphoneThese 10 people had incredible stories to tell - from the hilarious tale of a woman jumping out of a window during a job interview, to the heartbreaking story of a woman who wants to kill herself.

Listen to the remarkable stories below.

1) The Man Who Turned Down A Job As He Didn't Want To Wear A Hat

Paul in Clerkenwell has been unemployed for eight years. He was finally offered a job in a bakery, but turned it down because he didn't want to wear a hat. This call is unbelievable.

2) The Woman Who Told Her Children She Is Going To Kill Herself

Marjorie told Petrie Hosken that to protect her children, she is going to kill herself. Hear her remarkable story.

3) The Man Who Thinks He's Jesus

This Australian IT worker believes he is Jesus. And apparently, Jesus wants to be known as "AJ."

4) The Girl Who Had The Hiccups For Two Months

13-year-old Emily Marsh has been hiccuping for eight weeks and has told LBC 97.3's Iain Dale that she is desperate to find a cure.

5) The Boy Whose Mum Was A Heroin Addict

Julia Hartley-Brewer talked to Mike in Lambeth, whose parents were drug addicts, about how he coped growing up with a mother on heroin.

6) The Woman Who Jumped Out Of A Window DURING A Job Interview

The moral of this story is... never lie on your CV. Otherwise, you may need to do this.

7) The Man Who Spent 16 Years In Jail In Peru

As two women were held in a jail in Peru, Steve told LBC 97.3 he was arrested for cocaine smuggling in Peru and spent 16 years in jail.

8) The Woman Who Had a Knife Pulled On Her By Her Own Son

When discussing a rise in violent children, James O'Brien received this heartbreaking call from Lucy, whose son pulled a knife on her husband.

9) The Man Who Admitted To Bullying People Online

Trolling became a big topic in 2013 - and LBC 97.3 received this call from a man who explains why he bullies people online.

10) The Banker Who Was Sacked For Stealing Grapes 34 Years Earlier

A 48-year-old City banker lost his £280,000-per-year job in London because of a police caution he received when he was 14 for stealing grapes.