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Thursday 1st September 2016
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158 iPhones Stolen Every Day In London

Tuesday 15th January 2013

The Metropolitan Police say around 160 iPhones are stolen on the streets of London every day.

Met Police say December saw a rise to nearly 10,000 stolen phones, with half of those being the popular Apple model.

As part of a campaign to alert the public to street robbery, the police released the CCTV video above, which shows how quickly your mobile can be stolen if you're not paying attention.

Robberies and thefts in London are on the increase, rising from 16,084 in December 2011 to 17,583 last month.

Det Ch Supt Simon Letchford said: "Having your personal possessions on show gives robbers a chance to make easy money.

"Just being conscious of where you are and being careful about when you display your valuables can help you avoid being targeted."