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Sunday 28th August 2016
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25th June: Apple iPhone 4

iPhone 4 thumb.jpgWhat is it? The Apple iPhone 4

How much: Free on a contract or from £499 unlocked.

What we like
The moment you pick up iPhone 4, you immediately feel you have a solid, well made piece of kit in your hands. The glass and stainless steel case is rock solid. At 9.3mm thick, its the slimmest smartphone on the market. The real difference however comes when you switch on the screen.

The ‘retina’ display is beautifully sharp and crisp. So much so, when you go back to the old  iPhone or any other smartphone for that matter it all seems a little out of focus.

Websites are clear and easy to read and no matter how close you zoom in, you no longer get the blocky edges on the print. That’s achieved by using four times more pixels than the previous iPhone.

The phone uses the new A4 processor that is in the iPad. It makes a considerable difference when using apps.  Faster launch speeds and more responsive than before, it’s a joy to use.

There are other improvements too. The camera has been completely redesigned and upgraded to 5megapixels and a larger light capturing sensor.  There is a lens on both sides of the phone so you can take pictures of the scene or of you and your mates and see the picture on the screen before you take it. The results are a vast improvement over its predecessor and offer a genuine alternative to carrying a point and click camera in your back for those ‘I wish I had a camera’ moment.  Also new to this model is a LED flash to help out when needed when light is low.

It also has an HD video camera. Shooting at 720p at up to 30 frames a second, it’s a serious challenge to Sony’s Vivaz phone with its superb video function.  If you fancy trying your hand at editing, there is iMovie for iPhone, the popular software on the Mac is now available for £2.99 on the phone.

The phone uses new software. iOS4 finally allows iPhone users to multi-task. Other phones have offered it for years, but the price you pay has been reduced battery life. Apple  claim to have avoided this pitfall while you multitask on iOS4 apps. In fact the new phone offers 40% more life than its predecessor, so you can finally use GPS mapping and listen to music at the same time, or play a game, check your mail and go back to the game where you left off.

Other additions include background noise cancelling and Facetime. This allows free video to video calls but you have to be on wifi and the person you’re calling also needs iPhone 4.

What we don’t like
Not much. Video calling restricted to wifi and other iPhone 4 users.

Just as the iPhone 3GS was looking a little tired with competitors snapping at its heels in the smartphone market, Apple release iPhone 4 and it’s a five star, solid gold update

For more information, check out the Apple web store .