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Sunday 28th August 2016
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3 Mifi Device

3mifi.jpg3 launched their new 'Mifi' device today (Friday 2nd July).

The pocket-sized box creates a mobile wifi network using the 3G network allowing you to connect up to five mobile devices. So rather using one mobile internet subscription for  each device, you can connect your laptops, iPad, iPhone and Nintendo DS all at the same time.

Downloads speeds vary and in my tests I managed to get an impressive 1.5 meg/sec download while at other times it struggled to deliver 300kbits.

Incredibly easy to set up, just turn it on and your connect your device with the wifi code supplied with the Mifi.

Pros:  Small and easy to keep in your pocket or bag. Easy to setup. Generous data packages.
Cons: Like all mobile internet solutions it has wildly variable download speeds.

Price: From free on contract or £49.99 on PAYG with tariff prices varying on data allowance.