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Sunday 24th July 2016
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Poll: Acid attacks

Do you think the kinds of acid used in attacks should be classified as a weapon?


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These are the remarkable Met Police officers who have been named winners of the Oustanding Bravery of the Year award.

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A teen gunman who killed nine people and injured 27 others in Munich had no links to Islamic State, police have said.

The gunman involved in the deadly attack on a Munich shopping centre told bystanders: "I am German".

Nicholas Soames sml

Sir Nicholas Soames delivered a furious call for the political establishment to root out the plague of online abuse fuelled by the rise of social media.

  • Threadneedle Street Both ways Between Poultry / Mansion House Place / Prince's Street / Cornhill / King William Street (Bank) and Old Broad Street

    Road closed due to police incident
  • Gale Street Both ways At Goresbrook Road

    Partially blocked due to vehicle fire
  • A40 Cumberland Gate Southbound At A4202 Park Lane / North Row

    One lane blocked due to accident
  • Great Northern Between Kings Cross and

    Cancellations likely across the network from 15:00 on Sunday 24th July due to staff shortage
  • Southern Between Victoria and Brighton

    Emergency timetable operating
  • Southeastern Between Dover Priory and

    Replacement bus service running due to damage to the sea wall. Tickets being accepted on London Underground and alternative Sout

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