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Thursday 18th September 2014
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James O'Brien is Leading Britain's Conversation.

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Poll: Scottish Independence

Should An Independent Scotland Be Able To Keep The Pound?


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Julia Hartley-Brewer is Leading Britain's Conversation.

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Police investigating the disappearance of teenager Alice Gross are now treating a missing builder as a suspect - revealing that he has a murder conviction in Latvia.

Scottish people have started voting in a referendum that will change Britain forever, whatever the outcome.

Fears supporters of Islamic State were planning to kidnap a random person and carry out a "demonstration killing" prompted Australia's largest ever anti-terror raids, the prime minister has said.

  • A4205 Eastbourne Terrace Southbound At B410 Craven Road / Spring Street (Paddington Station)

    Partially blocked due to broken down bus
  • A201 Penton Rise Between A501 Pentonville Road and Vernon Rise

    Queueing traffic due to earlier police incident
  • A22 London Road Both ways Between A264 Copthorne Road and Park Road

    Slow traffic
  • At London City Airport

    Disruption to flights to/ from London City Airport due to earlier poor visibility. Passengers advised to check-in as normal
  • Thameslink At Bedford

    Normal service resumed due to earlier signalling problem.
  • American Airlines/ British Airways/ Iberia At Heathrow Airport

    Flight AA078/ AY5782/ BA1521/ GF4343/ IB4204/ LY8271/ QR5278/ US078 from Dallas/ FT Worth was due at 11:15, now expected at 12:1

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