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Thursday 25th August 2016
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We are the 1%

Posted by Anthony Davis on March 15, 2013 at 01:00AM


Almost 1.4 million public sector employees, including nurses, doctors, dentists and the armed forces, will receive a 1% pay rise from April. We asked if itís fair to ask public sector workers to shoulder the cost of cuts?


And after turning his back on Leveson, we took your calls on whether David Cameron should pay the taxpayer back the millions spent on the Inquiry?

Back to the horse meat drama, or rather pork meat. Are Westminster Council to blame for pork being found in Halal chicken sausages or should they be praised for investigating the issue? Mirelle in Barnet was concerned that worried parents would stop letting their children eat much-needed hot food at school. Your calls followed. 

Also, much-loved art critic Brian Sewell has confronted a London bus that didn't stop for passengers. Are London's buses customer focused? We spoke to bus drivers, passengers and transport lovers on the state of our buses. 

Finally we took your calls on the best place to live in London after the Sunday Times released their top list. Some of your suggestions: Richmond, Chiswick, Dulwich, Holland Park, Tower Hamlets, Tooting and West Hampstead. 

See you this Sunday,