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Thursday 1st September 2016
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Anti-Heathrow Runway Campaigners Face Eviction

Friday 15th August 2014

A group squatting near Heathrow in protest against plans for a third runway are expected to be evicted today.
Heathrow Third Runway 
The community of 15 families, that call themselves Grow Heathrow, have been living on privately owned land near the airport since 2010. Now, after a lengthy legal battle, the High Court has ruled that the group must leave.

The group are currently occuppying derelict land in Sipson, which is north of the airport, where a third runway and new terminal could be built.

In spite of the High Court order, the group have broad support in the area. It’s reported that local members of the community have joined the group today to resist bailiffs, who Paddy Reynold’s, a member of the group, says they will “peacefully resist”.

John McDonnell, the local Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington, has also come out in support of the group, saying: "They've helped us not just in that campaign, but they've become part of the community and they've turned what was a derelict site into a real community asset and they're at the heart of our community."

Mr McDonnell has been trying to negotiate with the land’s owner, Imran Malik, for Grow Heathrow to buy or rent the land.