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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Ask Boris On LBC 97.3: As It Happened

Friday 15th February 2013

In the last month, London has had a helicopter crash, a baby attacked by a fox and a another teenager is stabbed to death .

After another busy month for a busy city, what does Mayor Boris Johnson have to say about it. Find out in Ask Boris on LBC 97.3.

Plus, we're giving you the chance to put your question to the Mayor of London.

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9:33 Final question: Do you shop in B&Q or Ikea? Ikea from time to time but he once bought his sister a beautiful gift in B&Q
9:31 Boris is now being presented with data on how many people are actually using the Emirates Air Line cable car in East London. "Will you accept that it's not taken off the way you wanted it to?" "No, I don't accept'  

9:27 The question of car and emisson standards and its impact on the city's cabs is now being asked. "What you can do is set a deadline of when new technology needs to be brought in and we'll work with car manufacturers and taxi companies". Answer: "We're going to do a Blackwall 2 tunnel by 2020"

9:24 Boris is being asked if he's needed to be seen campaigning in Eastleigh for the by-election 
9:21 Boris is now listening to Nick Clegg's challenge to Boris on getting the infrastructure projects the government is now offering moving in London.
9:18 Q: Why are you going ahead with the provisions of cuts to fire-fighters? A:London already has fantastic response times. What we're doing with these reforms is that we're trying to be fairer for all of London so that more boroughs have the benefit of response time.
9:15 The Mayor is now discussing health services and the closing of the hospital in Lewisham. 
9:14 "If you hit the London housing market with a mansion tax, the risk is you really prick a bubble and you have a serious fall that hits everybody. You rish doing damage to the entire market and that hits everyone's pockets. We need to address the problem by building more homes. That's why I think the stamp duty solution we're proposing is the way forward" 

9:11 Charlotte is now on asking about how the mayor's call for housing stamp duty, will help her. 

9:09 Danny is on the phone now asking why the fox is not addressed as a pest, meaning could the Mayor help to reclassify the fox as a rat for pest control purposes. "I think you need to look very carefully at the evidence and how it works. This is something that completely devides the British population and you need to have an assement of the threat. Incedents of Foxes attacking humans are extremely rare". When pushed on why not a cull, he responds with the point that you run the risk of poisining dogs and cats. "A cull is not currently within the law" 
9:04 Nick is now asking the Mayor if the use of the word boneheaded is appropriate.
9:02 First question for Boris: How would you characterise your performance yesterday at the London assembly A: Crystal Clear
9:00 And we're off with Boris Johnson, who will be taking your calls for the next half hour.

8:51 You can watch the Mayor of London answering your questions live right here. We've got our HD cameras ready and waiting for Boris.

8:50 Boris Johnson will be live on LBC 97.3 in just 10 minutes - and he'll be asking your questions.

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