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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Ask Boris: 3rd March 2014 - Watch In Full

Friday 14th June 2013

Boris Johnson made his radio debut as he answered your questions in the first Ask Boris.


The Mayor of London joined Nick Ferrari for the first time a regular LBC 97.3 phone-in host. He talked about any topic you want him to - so send us your questions on the issues that affect you for next time.

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09:48 And that's the end of Ask Boris! Did you enjoy the show?


You'll be able to watch the whole of Ask Boris above very shortly. 

09:47 Boris on his dream Glastonbury lineup : "We'd have to get The Clash in there. Some spiritual music. We'd have to get Joe Strummer in there."
09:46 The Mayor confesses, in a South African accent, the last burger he had was from Johannesburg airport - and it was delicious!
09:44 Babara asks why the Mayor is removing seats from bus stops? Boris: "We've had a huge problem with people stealing bus stops! We have to bear this in mind."
09:43 Boris: "I don't run health services in the way that I run transport. I will support reforms of our hospital structures that save lives".
09:42 Nick asks about the Save Lewisham A and E campaign - today, the case is going to the High Court. Would the Mayor like to see it saved?

09:40 Boris "London is one of the best cities in the world to have a stroke. We are vastly improving results. In an ideal world, we would all have hospitals at the end of our roads - but the funding doesnt allow that. You don't get the quality of consultants on call to deal with your stroke if this happens. We have seen positive outcomes, considering strokes, through our centralisation of services".
09:39 Hedley asks how Boris can protect London from cutbacks and then, the downgrading of medical services, in regards to stroke victims.
09:37 Boris argues with Nick over buses: "We have about 8600 buses currently on the streets of London. Normally, Nick, you are a ferocious critic of our having loads of buses."
09:34 Boris: "Route 24 is a cutting edge piece of British transport. I'm told Londoners are confused by the 'hop on, hop off' system - we're trying to get people to rediscover the joy of this - I think people will gradually relearn the habit. I will find out what we can do to extend the D6 route. I won a ward in Hackney - if there's a good business case for extending the D6, of course we will look into it."
09:32 After a short news bulletin, we're back to your calls. The next question comes from Gary in the Isle of Dogs. He asks about Route 24 - Gary thinks this was a huge waste of money, and how can the Mayor justify this when Gary's own route, the D6, has been reduced?
09:30 Boris: "The whole thing - the underground -will be fully automated in the 2020s. We are going to need to do it to cope with the rise in passenger numbers. To cope with that kind of demand, we have to automate."
09:29 Graham calls in and asks whether The Mayor will give control of the London underground back to people, or make it automated?
09:27 Boris: "These people are contractually entitled to bonuses. if they perform well, yes I will give them bonuses again. I believe in incentivising talent. There are loads of people in the transport business who are on salaries way higher than Sir Peter's - and I justify it. Look at the economic benefits for London".
09:26 Florence asks The Mayor of London why he doubled the pay of Sir Peter Hendy, the Commissioner of Transport for London.
09:25 Boris: "I dont think we will solve this issue by slapping on rent controls where the state controls the price. We want to supply masses of new housing to graduates and non-graduates - and get sites properly developed - and yes, they will be affordable. 50% of new homes in Stratford are affordable - "affordable" depends on the market rent, but is in the 200k area".
09:24 An email question asks whether new, affordable houses and flats are being built for recent graduates in London.
09:23 Boris: "Cyclists who break laws undermine laws in the eyes of all motorists - which is a disaster. We want to invest in stuff to improve the road for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists".
09:22 An email question now - Jim asks when will London cyclists have to obey road laws?
09:21 Boris on tennis: "I play with a wooden racket - it wasn't for show! I bust the string on my usual racket".
 09:20 Boris: "I played tennis with Andy Murray, and it was quite terrifying. I leapt like a gazelle and his serve got me straight in the mouth. I must have looked like a pig with an apple in my mouth.'
09:20 Nick asks why the Prime Minister is so unlucky - referencing Wimbledon.
09:19 Boris confirms "I'm stepping down in 2016."
09:18 Boris: "I'm going to swerve this one. I have loved being Mayor of London and feel lucky to have been elected. The truth is, Im not going to get in time for 2016 - it is something I think about, I've spoken to friends about it - but you've got to be fair to the electorate."
09:17 Rosemary asks whether Boris thinks he would make a good Prime Minister?
Boris: "There are more officers out on the street - this was the question. The police are doing a fantastic job. We aim to cut crime by 20%, but also build up confidence by 20%"
09:14 Boris: "In London, there will be more. There will be 26,000 - a record number. Regarding the deficit - that, I think, has been reduced by a third. The government were left with a miserable legacy from Labour. Everyone knows this in their bones I think."
09:13 Caller David asks whether there are more or less police officers on London's streets.
09:12 Boris: "My speech was getting gay pride on the agenda. Regarding my comment - you had to be there, things get misreported. That's the important thing."
09:11 Colin, introducing himself as a gay priest, asks the Mayor about a recent comment Boris Johnson made during a speech about gay pride - possibly, or not, containing an innuendo. 
09:10 Boris argues with Nick as he asks him about the environmental concerns about fracking: "Are you allowed to keep interrupting my show like this? it may be some people will benefit mightily from living near these reserves."
09:09 Boris responds to Nick's question about fracking: "Labour put in a load of wind farms that failed to pull the skin off a rice pudding. We now have the opportunity to get shell gas - let's look at it. It is part of the 2020 vision we have for this city - power generation is vital."
09:07 Boris: "We should have an amnesty. We've got people who've got in here illegally. They are not engaged with the economy and being honest with the system. The key thing is to stop them coming in in such numbers and be tougher in our approach to borders."
09:05 Boris: "The culture of human rights is such that it is blindingly difficult to get people onto planes. These people will melt away into the undergrowth and be lost again - one reason why people have lost confidence in the immigration system. What we need to do is make it clear to ILLEGAL immigrants where to go".
09:04 A caller from Ealing asks about the evacuation of Romanian immigrants from Hendon Football club last week, who have 30 days to launch an appeal.
09:03 Boris: "Mr Greenhalgh is doing a good job. I didn't watch his performance at the meeting - people are entitled to ridicule politicians - people laugh at me! This is the first time this issue has been raised with me. I will make enquiries as to how Stephen did at this meeting - but the key thing is crime is coming down."
09:02: Peter in Twickenham asks the Mayor whether the Police and Crime Commissioner, Stephen Greenhalgh, is up to the job.
09:00 The Mayor of London is in the studio..let's begin!
08:55 The studio is set for the first ever Ask Boris in five minutes time - will there be any surprises?

08:49 The Mayor of London will be hosting his first radio show - do you have any tips for him?

James O'Brien, who follows Boris at 10am, gave him this advice: "Oddly, when you're on the radio, listening to the radio is even more important than when you are listening to the radio.

"And don't bloviate!"

08:33 You can send your questions to the Mayor here.

You can put any question you want to Boris, whether it's about crime, housing, the tube, cycling or anything else that is frustrating you about London.

08:30 Just 30 minutes until the start of Ask Boris - the Mayor of London's first regular radio phone-in.

Boris will be answering any question that you want to ask him, so get your questions in now!