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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Ball Control: Get To Grips With Testicle Stimulation

You knew we couldn’t avoid mentioning the World Cup! But perhaps you didn’t guess the links we’ve been making lately between football and sex. Because, like the Beautiful Game, sex needs stamina, energy and passion. But it also needs sensitivity, imagination and creativity… and perhaps nowhere more than when it comes to pleasuring his balls.

Because girls in particular can be very wary about touching testicles. We may simply not know what to do. We may worry that if we get it wrong, everything will go floppy. We may be scared that we’ll hurt - it’s obvious how excruciating the wrong sort of testicle stimulation can be.

But by not developing your ball skills, you’re missing out on a great source of pleasure for him – and it’s really very, very easy!

1: Begin your training like this. Next time you’re caressing him – and before things get too energetic - just gently slide your hand down to touch his balls. Cup them in your palm, then outline their shape with your fingertips. At first, don’t try to be an expert – just explore!

2: Next, build your skills by asking your man to coach you in what he really likes in the way of hand touch. Even better, get him to show you what he does when he brings himself off. Does he like to be stroked with palm or fingers? Does he like gentle scratching with your nails? Or even gentler tapping with your fingertips? Does he want fast movement, slow movement, a regular or an irregular rhythm? Experiment and see what brings the best results.

3: Once you’ve mastered handwork, then move to mouth work. Of course, your man can’t show you what to do here (unless he’s very double-jointed!), but he can tell you what he likes – or again, you can experiment. Try licking each ball in turn, sucking gently, or taking each one into your mouth and circling your tongue around.

4: Don’t get nervous about hurting him. Of course, a sharp knock will be painful, so don’t even think of trying the firm handling you might use on his penis. But as long as you go gently and slowly – taking on board any training hints he’s given you – you’ll be fine.

5: Now try combining moves. Use your fingers on one ball, your tongue on the other. Cradle both balls in your hand while you lick first one then the other.

6: Then, add in any penis action he particularly likes – as with any ball game, it’ll work especially well if you coordinate your movements. Parallel each long, slow lick with an up-and-down movement of your hand on the shaft of his penis.  Or, reflect quick sucking of the penis tip with rhythmic stroking of the balls. During intercourse, reach down and around to stroke as he thrusts.

7: Another variation is to slide one finger under his testicles to find his perineum, the area of skin between balls and anus. Pressing gently on this can in some men strongly increase his pleasure. Sliding a finger all the way in to find his prostate while at the same time stimulating his balls works even better (but remember to wash after and before touching his penis again).

8: When you approach the Big Goal, be aware of the slight risk that in the heat of the moment you might be tempted to tighten your grip or nip with your teeth. Until you’re a real champion, then, I’d let go of his balls when he – or you – start to climax. Once you’ve got a few wins under your belt, though, it’s an unforgettable experience for him to reach orgasm with you showing perfect, passionate ball mastery!

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