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Friday 26th August 2016
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Boris Tells LBC: I Will NOT Become An MP Before 2015

Monday 3rd March 2014

Boris Johnson told LBC he would definitely not be a Conservative MP in 2015, saying he wants to stay to the end of his Mayoral term.

The Mayor of London was answering a question on Ask Boris on what he had said to George Osborne when the Chancellor tried to persuade him to come back to the Commons.

There has been speculation the Prime Minister thinks there is less chance the Mayor will challenge his leadership if he is part of the Tory election campaign. 

But Mr Johnson insisted he would be seeing through his term as Mayor until 2016, saying the project to create a new tunnel in Hammersmith was so exciting that he couldn't leave.

He told LBC: "I haven't had a conversation of any such kind with George.

"George and I have a very, very good working relationship and indeed old, old friendship. What we both want to do is get David Cameron re-elected. That is the project about which we are united."

"I am so sick of this subject, I think I'm going to expire sometimes. I am going to get on with my job as Mayor of London.

"Let me tell you about something we've been doing. They've been working for months in Hammersmith and Fulham on plans to take that flyover and make it a flyunder. We've been listening to these plans for months, thinking it's never going to happen.

"But actually, it is brilliant. It's a most fantastic scheme. We're going to tunnelise the flyover. The timescale will be in three or four years. What was so interesting was that even the hardened TfL engineers looked at this, having been pretty skeptical, and they thought it was a great scheme.

"If you've got that kind of scheme on your agenda, daily excitement of helping to run the greatest city on Earth, why would you want to do anything else?

When asked to confirm whether he was turning his back on the Commons to build the flyunder, the Mayor stated: "Correct. I'm sticking to my job that I was elected to do in 2012 and indeed 2008 and the people of London, I'm very very priveleged to be here."