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Sunday 28th August 2016
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Boris Admits: My Glasses Look Like Elton John's

Wednesday 2nd October 2013

Boris Johnson gave LBC 97.3 listeners a world exclusive this morning - a glimpse at his glasses.

The Mayor of London has not been seen in his spectacles before, as he admitted the look a bit too much like Elton John's glasses!

I'm not wearing glasses now. I can't find them... where are they?

"It comes and goes," the Mayor said of his need for spectacles. "I don't need them right now.

"I can read the papers perfectly well without them. It's a point of machismo. I use them if I have to."

Nick Ferrari badgered him into showing off his eyewear for the cameras.

boris johnson glasses

"I tell you why I'm not putting them on, because my Private Secretary Rocha doesn't like these particular ones. They're a bit Elton John," he explained.

"I try not to use mine," Boris continued. "I'll tell you why, because my superstition is if you use them your eyes get dependent on them and I try to avoid an ocular dependency culture. I'm trying to keep my ability to focus."