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Tuesday 23rd August 2016
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Boris Agrees To Be Blasted By Water Cannon

Wednesday 11th June 2014


Boris Johnson agreed to be blasted by a water cannon after agreeing to buy three devices, despite not being allowed to use them.

water cannon

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The Deputy Mayor for Policing agreed to pay £127,000 for the three second-hand German water cannon, before Home Secretary Theresa May has reached a decision on whether to sanction their use.

And to prove they were safe, Mr Johnson agreed to stand next to Nick and be fired at by the water cannon.

After being challenged, he said: "Man or mouse. You've challenged me, so I suppose I'm going to have to do it now.

"I can see all my press people pulling their hair out over this, but never mind, it's got to be done. Thanks for that one, Ferrari."

Denying he is on a collision course with the Home Secretary over the purchase, he said: "What we are trying to do is to save some money.

"The police believe there are rare situations when the use of water cannon might be necessary, obviously with memories of what happened in August 2011.

"As Mayor, the question is could we legitimately deprive the police of this tool of crowd management, when they say that they need it.

"There could be situations where peoples' property is damaged or lives were put at risk as a result of their not having that equipment."

LBC has previously investigated the safety of water cannon and found cases where protesters have been blinded.

water cannon injury
Image: dpa

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