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Monday 29th August 2016
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Boris 'Doing All He Can' to Save Black Cab

Friday 23rd November 2012

Boris Johnson has told LBC 97.3 he is doing everything he can to save the London black cab.

Manganese Bronze, the parent company of the London Taxi Company which makes them, has gone into admistration with 156 workers losing their jobs.

They are demonstrating at Kings Cross and Heathrow today - along with cab drivers.

Paul Williams from the London Taxi Company has told us the cab has become an icon of the capital.

"The taxi drivers don't want that and the tourists dont want that. When they come to London and when they see a black cab it's part of their experience of coming to London and they feel safe and they know they're going to be taken to where they need to be taken in a safe manner."

The Mayor of London says he wants to keep as many on the road as possible.

"We've been working absolutely flat out with the taxi trade," Boris told us.

"We've relaxed the rules on the age of the taxis to try help them.  We've also made sure they can rent more taxis. As I understand it there are Mercedes on the market now for 154 a week."

Manganese Bronze went into administration last month after financial problems were worsened by a steering fault that meant hundreds of taxis had to be recalled and sales to be suspended.

Administrator PwC has since announced that a solution has been found to the fault, and unions are urging commuters to support the campaign to persuade PwC to do all it can to save the black cab.