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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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Boris: If They Pay For Bikes, I'll Call Myself Barclay's Johnson

Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Boris Johnson says that he will change his name to Barclay's Johnson if the bank give him another 100million towards the Cycle Hire Scheme.

They currently sponsor the "Boris Bikes", but the Mayor of London told LBC 97.3 that he is willing to go a long way to secure more investment.

The Mayor of London was being questioned about whether Prince George has recieved the Boris Bike tricycle - complete with Barclays branding - that Boris was giving him as a gift.

"Someone has delivered the tricycle to him," the Mayor said. "I know that Kate... the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made use of the tandem bicycle that was given to them - at no cost to London might I add."

After being pushed on whether the tandem bike, which was a wedding gift to the pair, is branded in the same way as conventional Boris Bikes the Mayor replied: "It is a proper Barclays Hire Bike."

When LBC 97.3's Nick Ferrari then joked that Boris always refers to them by the name of their sponsor rather than their more popular nickname, the Mayor made an unexpected promise.

"As I said to Barclays, if they give us another 50 million for the hire bikes I'll change my name by deed poll to Barclays Johnson," he announced.

"Well, 100 milion. If they give us another 100 million for the hire bike scheme, I have promised that I will change my name to Barclays Johnson."