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Friday 26th August 2016
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Boris: Olympics Not an Excuse for "Pulling a Sickie"

Tuesday 3rd July 2012

Boris Johnson has told LBC 97.3 the Olympics this month is not an "excuse for pulling sickie, a skivers charter or bludgers paradise."

Boris Johnson tubeThe Mayor of London was speaking to business leaders in the City urging them and Londoners to plan their travel during the Games.

An extra million people are expected in London everyday with 3 million more journeys being made on public transport than on a normal day.

The message that London isn't open for business clearly worried Boris.

"I don't want to see the whole city turning in a gigantic Olympic sickie. I see no reason for that. People have got to think ahead don't suddenly come up to the Olympic period and say 'Oh My god its the Olympics I'm staying at home."

The Mayor also claimed working from home was "over-rated" and claimed London and the West End would received a £750 million retail boost this summer.

"We know from other host citites that people often think I'll come back to that later I'll see how it works out - don't do that" Transport Secretary Justine Greening told LBC's Olympics Correspondent John Cushing. "There's lots of planning in place make the most of it Get Ahead of the Games."

"We can cope with whatever is thrown at the system as long as people avoid busy spots at busy times." said London's Transport Commissioner, Peter Hendy.

Boris Johnson has also added his voice to announcements on public transport in the capital.

In recorded messages on the Tube the Mayor calls on Londoners to plan their travel during the Olympics.