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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Tiny Cornish Village In Midst Of A 'Crime Wave'

Friday 13th June 2014

One of Britain's safest villages is in the middle of a crime wave - after being crime free for 18 months.


The tiny Cornish seaside village of Porthcurno had had no reported crimes in the whole of 2013, but on the night of 31st May, two cars were broken into.

Neither crime was especially successful. The first target was a van, but despite damaging the back door with a crowbar, the crooks couldn't force their way inside.

They then targeted a old Citroen estate car, smashing a window and tearing out an 15-year-old radio.

Neighbourhood Police Community Support Officer Jeremy Kewn said: "You don't hear about crime in Porthcurno, it's very rare.

"This might not be considered unusual elsewhere but here people just don't expect it.

"There is a serious side to this. It may only be two crimes but it's two too many and I'd be keen to hear from anyone with any information about his."