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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Call Clegg: As It Happened - 14th March 2013

Nick Clegg is back on LBC 97.3 to answer listeners questions for another 30 minutes.

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Having made the headlines for not knowing the price of diesel last week, what will Mr Clegg reveal this week? Will he be visiting Chris Huhne in prison?

The Deputy Prime Minister will be answering your questions from 9am. Click on the links to watch or listen live - and follow it as it happens below.

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9.31 We have no right to second guess the decisions of the Falklanders over their heads - they voted to stay with us
9.30 USA not helping with Falklands - NC: the Americans are entitled to make their own decisions. The Special Relationship doesn't mean we agree on everything. Not a slavish relationship
9.29 Who would you rather have a drink with Boris Johnson or Theresa May? Laughed and refused to answer (might pour a drink over Boris over some of the things he's said about him recently though)
9.28 this is a negotiation - it is like ping pong. We need to narrow down differences into details.
9.27 reaction to MEPs vote against EU cuts - they are wrong. At a time when you are asking people to take cuts in benefits and high bills you can't vote in increase in EU budget
9.26 NC: The Home Office has separated them out so we have a much clearer idea of student immigration and other immigration. We do need to stamp out bogus colleges and abuse of student immigration
9.25 question on international students not being introduced in Immigration figures - which NC wants - why are Home Office reluctant to do so?
9.24 can't say whether the Chilcot Inquiry has been done thoroughly until we see the report at the end
9.22 question on Chilcot Inquiry - into the Iraq War - NC I want the inquiry to be completed as soon as possible but I need to see the report before I can have an opinion on it.
9.20 Question on NC's family's reaction to Pope - many Catholic - son was excited. It is especially interesting that it is the first Pope outside Europe in 1,000 years.
9.19 NC: The key thing everyone will test result against what Leveson recommended
9.17 there have been meetings held behind closed doors - with Hacked Off, with Ed Miliband etc - you have to have meetings "where people can compare notes".
9.16 NC hopes they can come to a cross party agreement which will be put to Parliament - so still very public
9.16 We all (all three main party leaders) agree that we want to implement Leveson but there is a lot of devil in the detail about the means
9.15 Emma - our apprentice interviewer - asks about the Leveson report. Why was the fate of the press decided in private when the inquiry was public?
9.14 We have put a lot of money into this. Not just factories - you have them at LBC, we have them at Whitehall, Law firms etc
9.13 I want my sons to so what they feel is right for them when they have to make that decision. In other countries going down a vocational or educational route - they are valued on the same way.
9.13 Clegg on apprenticeship scheme launching today: I'm a huge fan of apprentices. We need to also cherish people learning and doing at the same time.
9.12 Ed Balls and Ed Miliband still have not acknowledged their role in the mess in the first place. They haven't apologised to the country
9.11 Clegg: I wouldn't have let the banks get away with blue murder in the first place. We were shouted down by Labour at the time. We wouldn't have turned a blind eye to what was happening in the City.
9.10 question on blaming the economy problems on Labour - asked what he would have done if he was PM in 2008?
9.10 Life expentancy is changing and you have to do something to tackle that
9.09 Clegg: we are changing retirement age - and that means a relatively small number of people who find themselves having to work much longer than they thought
9.08 Clegg: the only way to solve this is moving to single tier pension - a guaranteed pension. Simple clear entitlement everyone gets. Hopes to intriduce / announce it soon
9.07 income tax - Jack wants to know how Clegg addresses the fact that the raising of the pensionable age years for women has in fact stolen several years of pension from women?
9.06 on the money Huhne was given for standing down as minister - that is up to him
9.05 Nick Clegg says he won't be visiting Chris Huhne in jail - hasn't spoken to him since sentencing. Will keep in touch once sentence served - "as a human being, as a friend"
9.04 Nick says Huhne clearly did wrong. When pushed on his feelings on the sentenced he say they are "conflicted" - sad for his whole family
9.03 the fact that he was a member of the Government has no bearing on what the Judge decides says Nick
9.03 Nick Clegg asked if the sentence given to Chris Huhne was fair - Nick says it is not for him to say, is the role of the courts to decide
9.02 Nick Clegg has opened Call Clegg - the phone lines are open on 0845 6060973
8:39 Last week, Nick Clegg made the headlines when he didn't know the price of diesel - will he be pulled up on that this week?
8:28 Just over 30 minutes to go... send your question in to Call Clegg and you could be on-air this morning.
8:20 Mr Clegg told a great joke about his new radio show in his Liberal Democrat spring conference speech - hear his great joke here
8:10 Call Clegg is back in just 50 minutes - what do you want to ask the Deputy Prime Minister on his LBC 97.3 phone-in?