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Saturday 27th August 2016
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The Deputy Prime Minister was at St Paul's Cathedral yesterday for the funeral of Baroness Thatcher. Did he shed a tear like George Osborne? 

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9:31 Nick Ferrari asks: did he cry at Margaret Thatcher's funeral

No I didn't but it was a very powerful ceremony. The Bishop of London is right to recieve all the praise he did.

On Osborne: Any man - or woman - has the right to cry if they want to.

9:29 David from Southwark on deaths each year from the pollution

NC: We are legally bound by EU to make sure air quality is improved - as a parent of a young family I want to make sure it is done.

9:28 It is an extremely anxious time for parents [waiting to find out if children have got into first place school]. What we need to do is make sure we properly anticipate the changes in number of children atending schools. We need to be better at that as a country at anticipating it.

9:26 Question on problems getting children into first choice school.

NC: the numbers of people getting into first choice is going up. We are pouring money into school places to minimise the number of people getting into the school they want.

9:23 A question about what action will be taken to stop people moving to the country from abroad to abuse the child benefit system.

NC:The facts and the perception aren't always the same. People feel very strongly about this. Under this Government we brought some sense to the immigration system including exit checks so we know who's coming in and out. There are very strict rules in place. We are making sure our public services and benefits are there for the people who are eligible but aren't abused by people.

9:22 I don't think the funeral arrangements of former Prime Ministers hould be turned into a political football.
9:21 Everyone recognises Thatcher was a a significant public figure. It was agreed on a cross party basis. We will publish soon the full cost - which we believe will fall far short of the predicted cost.

9:19 Dave in Epping asks about benefit cuts - is is acceptible for the taxpayer to pay for Thatcher's funeral.

NC: There is nothing new about the Government supporting the costs of funeral arrangements for significant public figures. The plans were worked on for a long time - the previous Government worked on them too.

9:17 The philosphy is not to slash incapacity benefit but to make sure it is tailored to needs of people.

One of the big changes we made is to pass a law that in the future Prime Ministers can't mess about with the timing of an election. The election will happen like clockwork every five years. So the election will be May 2015.

9:14 Chris asks if there will be an election before the benefit changes in 2015 and also about incapacity benefit changes.

NC: The change to Incapacity Benefit started under the last Government. The principle is what we are applying to DLA. We're not abolishing it - we are spending the same amount we are just making sure we are fair. People who have deteriorated so some could get more support.

9:11 On issues from last week.

Benefits not being put in on time - NC: I've got the Department of Work and Penson to look into her case. I can't describe those circumstances on air. It will now be straightened out

On the miracle cure for Silvia's daughter - NC: Good news, the NHS there is prepared to provide the medication in the individual case. The fear was of a blanket ban - that is not the case - it will come down to an individual case. I've written to Silvia.

Susie on student midwives not having enough jobs for graduates students - NC:Where she is right is you don't have precisely the same numbers of job available to trusts as different places have different needs but we have increased jobs available

9:10 Zach says it has to be all or nothing

NC: I think the point you're making is lets have that debate

9:07 Zach Goldsmith MP rings in - the Lib Dems consider themselves as reformers but have not done anything significant. He wants Lib Dems to support 'Recall' - so people can get rid of under supportting MPs. Wants a promise that it will happen

NC: We have talked about this before - it would mean so if your MP has committed a serious wrong doing you can trigger a by election rather than wait until next election. A lot of debate over what the triggers should be.

I want to see Recall provisions.

9:06 I think we have excelled as a nation and a city at holding these great events and doing so safely - the Olympics was phenominal - it was a huge security operation as was Margaret Thatcher's funeral
9:05 Everything I've heard and seen is that our world class police say there is nothing we should worry about.

9:03 Sarah's son is running the mini marathon on Sunday and is worried after the Boston bombing

NC: I know how you feel being a parent too. I've spoken to the Met Commissioner about this - I have a huge amout of confidence in the police. They are quadruple checking all their arrangements for the London marathon. 

9:03 I wouldn't call myself a Thatcherite - I am a liberal. I think David Cameron was saying a lot of the reforms she made weren't put into reverse by subsequent Governments
9:02 I don't feel comfortable saying she's a role model as I didn't share a lot of her values

9:00 Emmanuel from Greenwich asks if Thatcher is a role model.

NC: She certainly affected a lot of people's lives. I don't agree with a lot of what she did but she did have a huge impact on the country. Most people accept the way she shook the economy was the right thing - there were other things that weren't

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08:48 The Boston Marathon bombings have led to security to be tightened around the London Marathon this Sunday, so what does Mr Clegg feel needs to be done?

Plus, will he be asked anything about the loosening of the planning laws on extensions?

08:43 Mr Clegg was at St Paul's yesterday for the funeral of Margaret Thatcher. Does he agree with Diane Abbott that it was a party political broadcast for the Conservative Party, or did he think it was a national event?
08:40 Twenty minutes until Nick Clegg is in the studio to answer LBC 97.3 listeners' questions for this week's edition of Call Clegg.