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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Call Clegg: As It Happened - 21st March 2013

Watch the whole of Call Clegg again as Nick Clegg answers listeners questions for another 30 minutes on LBC 97.3.

Last week, he said he didn't want to make the headlines - and then told us he wanted to pour a pint of beer over Boris Johnson's head! What will he say this week on the Budget, Leveson and more?

The Deputy Prime Minister will be answering your questions from 9am. Click on the links to watch or listen live - and follow it as it happens below.

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09:31 That's it from Call Clegg this week. The Deputy Prime Minister will be back at the same time next week.

The Call Clegg podcast will be up soon.

09:30 Finally, a peace offering from the Mayor after Nick Clegg said he wanted to pour a pint over his head: "It's time for a truce with me and Cleggy."

"I'll buy him a pint then," says Clegg. "And it will be a penny cheaper from next week."

09:29 The top 10% are paying the most, says Mr Clegg.

T responds: "But things aren't getting better, they're getting worse."

09:28 This from Lib Dem supporter Duwayne Brooks:

09:27 T in Kingston says she's in the squeezed middle and doesn't feel like she gets any help.

Nick Clegg: Petrol will be 13p cheaper than under Labour, the National Insurance break for up to 22,000, the big income tax break worth 700 to most workers.

09:25 "My response to Mr Balls, of all people, is that he should apologise for the mess he left us with.

"It's all very well saying we should try something else. We're willing to. But he doesn't offer us any serious alternatives."

09:24 Now Ed Balls question from earlier is being put to him: Why are you and Vince Cable still backing a coalition plan which they predicted would fail?

09:23 Matthew is asking about Clegg's friend Chris Huhne. Would he support Mr Huhne coming back into parliament in 2015?

"Chris has said he's never going to go back into politics," says Mr Clegg.

09:21 Clegg: "We pay millions of pounds to people who can claim money from the government, claiming that they've been mis-treated. The government can't defend itself.

"Ken Clarke has come up with a plan that a judge can decide in exceptional circumstances to hold hearings in secret to avoid this."

09:20 Jo Shaw, a former Lib Dem member, who resigned over the issue of secret courts, asks why Mr Clegg is whipping Lib Dem peers to support the bill when it will lead to torture and kidnapping and the Lib Dems are against it.
09:19 Clegg: "My kneejerk reaction to Ayo is to agree that MPs shouldn't be subsidised for drinking in the House of Commons."

09:18 How do you defend having subsidised bars and restauants in the Houses of Parliament? asks the next caller.

Mr Clegg says he hasn't used any of them so he doesn't even know if they are subsidised! But Mr Ferrari insists they are.

09:16 Charlie Brooker asks Mr Clegg to sum up the press regulation agreement in the length of a tweet as he doesn't understand it.

Mr Clegg's tweet: "Self-regulation verified from time to time"

09:15 Clegg says even he left at midnight as the discussion was such a specific legal argument over the wording of one clause.

09:14 Nick Ferrari, a former newspaper man, is still unhappy by the fact that the press weren't there. And he's not likely to let it go!

"If two of your lads were fighting, you wouldn't invite one in to sort it out. You'd invite both of them," he argues.

09:13 Clegg: "These meetings have been going on for months and months. The meeting on Monday evening was one very specific issue in the whole agreement. It wasn't all decided in that meeting.

"There were a whole lot of meetings previously where there were representatives from the press, but not Hacked Off.

"I can't remember who invited Hacked Off."

09:11 Derek is concerned that the meeting between the three leaders in Ed Milibands office had four representatives from Hacked Off, but no one from the press. Why?

09:09 Clegg: "People have reacted in a slightly over-dramatic manner to this. We're still talking about self-regulation."

Nick Ferrari retorts: "You can't be a little bit pregnant, Mr Clegg. There's still government control over the body."

09:08 Derek in Paignton is asking about the agreed regulations on the free press.

Mr Clegg says: "Leveson's recommendations were not about imposing regulation on the press. It was asking the press to set up their own body and that body is checked every two years by another body."

09:05 Nick Clegg: "The government has a role to allow people to be as free as possible to make decisions in their lives. That's what our childcare announcement was all about."
09:03 "Child benefit gave us the choice, you've abolished that," responds Laura. "You're clearly discriminating against stay-at-home mums."

09:02 First caller Laura says that the government doesn't back stay-at-home parents.

Nick Clegg is defending the government's plans to reduce child benefit, but add tax credits for childcare costs. "If you're a parent and you want to work, but don't think it's worth it due to childcare costs, that won't be the case any more."

8:54 Ed Balls is currently on LBC 97.3 and has posed this question to Nick Clegg: Why are you and Vince Cable still backing a coalition plan which they predicted would fail?

He also agreed to do his own version of Call Clegg. How about Balls Calls?

8:51 Earlier in the week, all three leaders claimed victory when they struck am 11th-hour deal to implement a Royal Charter on press regulation, but newspapers have since claimed they will refuse to sign up for it. So how will Mr Clegg try to defend the deal?
8:42 How will Mr Clegg react to yesterday's budget? He is widely believed to have been behind the Chancellor's decision to increase the income tax threshold to 10,000, saving money for the majority of workers.
8:40 Don't forget you can watch Call Clegg live on our HD cameras right here.

8:15 Just 45 minutes to go until Call Clegg where the Deputy Prime Minister answers your questions.

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