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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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Call Clegg: As It Happened - 25th April 2013

Follow Call Clegg as it happens as Nick Clegg answers listeners questions for another 30 minutes on LBC 97.3.

The GDP figures are due out today which will show whether how the coalition's economy plans are progressing - how will Mr Clegg react to them?

The Deputy Prime Minister will be answering your questions from 9am. Click on the links to watch or listen live - and follow it as it happens below.

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9:32 On Luis Suarez getting ten match ban for biting.

NC: I think it's right - it was outrageous. I think he's got what he deserves

9:31- On economy figures just out - economy grew by 0.3%

NC: I think it is a better number than many people have been anticipating. We haven't tripled dipped so that's a welcome thing but we're not out of the woods yet.

9:30 - John asks why do MPs have no job description? On the back of last week's Recall debate.

NC: there is a code of conduct, there is obviously the scrutiny ont hem quite rightly. But John is right there is no job descrition. Most MPs are hard working but you can have seats where it has been the Party for so long there isn't the motivation so I think there should be more competition.

9:28 - Peter from Chiswick asks about the woman earlier whose husband can't find a job - and how Boris Johnson's brother got his new job in the Conservative Party.

NC: This is a Conservative Party issue - you would need to speak to David Cameron about that one.

9:26 - Jamie asks about the tax avoidance arrangements of the super rich following this year's rich list

NC: Of course we need to do more to stamp out tax evasion. We've done a massive amount already now.We inherited a tax system which had these massive holes in it.

9:22 - Sheree in Vauxhall is a Mum who has been trying to seek work for the last few years - has been put off by conflict between work start time and school start time. Would it be possibleto make it compulsory for all schools to have breakfast clubs so parents can drop children off early

NC:  I think so many people will be nodding now listening to this. It's not just the schools day -the school holidays are also a problem. I think the principle of saying to schools -  give them the discretion to adapt things to the needs of families. 

We are encouraging schools to do 'wrap around school day', we are changing the tax system so you keep more earnings, we are introducing tax free child care, we are expanding the amount of free childcare available for toddlers from most disadvantaged familes, we're giving grandparents the right to demand flexible working from their employers, couples can take parental leave interchangeably

9.19 - the 'snoopers charter' isn'g going to happen - the idea that there would be a record kept of all your online activity. It won't happen while Lib Dems are in Government. Of course we need to support police, they have significant powers already which I support them in using.

This idea of a 'snoopers charter' - I think it isn't workable or proportionate. It isn't going to happen

9:17 - Dean is Romanian and asks about the problem of Romanians coming over and sleeping in the streets - he wants to know why more sn't being done to move them and tackle things like using local parks as toilets.

NC: No one should be using public parks as toilets no matter who you are. If you feel the local council isn't taking enought action you should take more action to make sure they do.


9:16 - his sons have all had the MMR jab.

I'm a parent  I'm not a scientist, I'm not a medic. The overwhelmng advice that this was the right thing to do was why I took them down. I think you've got to trust the people who do this - they've said categorically there is no link between MMR and autism.

9:12 - Jamie in Kingston asks about the decision to reject the appointment of Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson to the chair of Sport England.

NC:  Tanni Grey Thompson is a role model and it is a great tribute to her. She hasn't been appointed to that particular job but that doesn't mean she won't continue to do good work.

9:10 - Nick Ferrari asks about the economy ahead of figures later which are expected to say we are back in recession.

NC: I agree we should lower taxes - get people out spending money. The biggest change is increasing the level that income tax starts, that's giving people more money.

9:06 - Tina rings in whose partner has been out of work for six years - he has retrained in many things and keeps being told he hasn't the experience. Finding it hard as he is in his 50s - all the schemes are set up for young people.

NC: you are right - when people out of work for a long time the mountain gets steeper and it is difficult for older people. I can't give answer about the incividual concerns but what I can say is that the only solution in the long run is to try and create the conditions where employers are creating jobs in the first place.

We've created over a million and a quarter jobs since the coalition began.

9:04 - This Government is not going to act illegally. It's not in the interest of people's human rights - forget Abu Qatada, out human rights - to brush them aside.

I understand the frustration that the guy who wants to do harm to our communityis still here. The law is here to protect us - you can't just chop and change it.

We are a step closer to ending this sorry story of Abu Qatada

9:02 - On Sun story about fight about Abu Qatada between NC and Cameron.

NC: I can't comment on an argument that hasn't happen.


9:00 - Call Clegg has begun with a question about Abu Qatada and why he hasn't been deportedand why the Government hasn't done more

NC: I completely agree with you. It is so frustrating. I want to see him deported. I think Theresa May has done a fantastic job. She's just announced an agreement with Jordon which provides a lot of answers to why he hasn't been. I am quietly optimistic

08:52 Mr Clegg has also been in the newspapers after the Prime Minister David Cameron warned him not to stand in the way of the government's plans to deport Abu Qatada - possibly by leaving the European Convention of Human Rights.

How will the Lib Dem leader respond to that warning? Find out in just a few minutes' time.

08:41 Don't forget, you can watch Call Clegg live on the LBC website or on our iPhone or iPad app from 9am.

08:38 This week, the GDP figures are unveiled during Call Clegg - how will he react to the figures that show how the coalition's economic policies are working.

Plus, the police have launched an investigation into the scandal around Lib Dem peer Lord Rennard. Have they spoken to Mr Clegg?

08:33 Mr Clegg will, of course, answer any question that you want to ask him. Last week, he was asked about London Marathon safety following the Boston bombings, while Richmond Park MP Zac Goldsmith asked him about legislation to kick out underperforming MPs.

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08:30 Welcome to another live blog for Call Clegg, as the Deputy Prime Minister answers your questions on LBC 97.3.