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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Call Clegg: As It Happened - 27th February 2013

Nick Clegg is back on LBC 97.3 - a day early due to the Eastleigh by-election - and having been on the front pages all week, it's sure to be fascinating.

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The Deputy Prime Minister has come under fire for his reaction to the allegations of sexual harrassment against Liberal Democrat Lord Rennard. How will Mr Clegg respond to questions about it?

He'll be answering your questions from 9am. Click on the links to watch or listen live - and follow it as it happens below.

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9.31: Tweet from what appears to be John Prescott: "Can you ask Clegg why as DPM he has 15 special advisors costing 1m when I only had 2. Even Jesus capped it at 12"

NC: It takes a lot more work to make sure the two parties in a coalition work together. I have to make sure the two parties govern together in every area

9.28: Herbie asks how he can expect voters in Eastleigh - who go to the polls tomorrow - to trust the party?

NC: What we're saying is if you're worried about jobs in Eastleigh - we have a track record of doing that. If you're worried about fairer taxes - nationally we are doing so but also locally the Lib Dem council has been cutting council tax. If you are worried aboutgreen spaces, we are protecting them.

When I speak to people in Eastleigh... my sense is actually when people vote they ask about taxes, jobs and green spaces and who will be an outstanding MP in Eastleigh. The Liberal Democrats have track record in this

9.25: Hex in Hastings asks how often does Nick Clegg use Facebook?

NC: Im not brilliant on Facebook

Hex: I think politicians are missing a golden opportunity by not using Facebook. Many people are turned off by the lack of availability on Facebook.

NC: I'm with you on getting politics out of the stuffy chambers of Westminster. We should use modern media to get back to working with the constituents.

What I do is this radio show and do lots of public meetings around the country. I don't myself a lot of time to social media but there are different routes to the same goal of getting closer to their consituents.

9.23: Colin in Essex asks if he thinks shared parenting should be the default position in the UK?

NC: Every family and every mother and father should make their own decisions. It's not for politicians to tell people how to raise their children. We want to revamp the rules so parents who want to can share parenting.

We're making parental leave compltely sharable - we're not telling them how to, but we're making it possible for parent to choose how to.

9.21: Frank in Lewisham asks why are you closing firestations and hospitals without people's consent - how will that help people?

NC: The problems in Lewisham were all associated with this appauling PFI agreement.

You don't help patients if you run things with poor standards of care because of poor organisation.

We can't duck the fact that you don't help patients in the long run is you turn a blind eye to the fact that some hospitals are running on empty and crippled financially.

9.18: Don on the Isle of Wight asks about italy - where a comedian got 25% of the vote in the election.

NC: There is little escape for some pretty difficult decisions. If I felt there was a pain free alternative to what we are doing... I'm afraid life is as it is and the fact is in 2008 we had the biggest economic cardiac arrest since the war. I personally don't think its possible to wish away that duty. The first duty of a politician is to be candid about the problems we face and be clear about the steps we need to take.

9.16: Rosilyn asks how the cap of housing benefit can be justified when food bank usage is rising

NC: You can't recieve more in benefits than someone who earns 26,000 after tax each year - about 35,000 pre-tax. People who are out working... they are having to make choices about where they live and what they are doing all the time. That should also apply to people on benefits. We've given a lot of resources to Local Authorities to help those affected during the transitional period.

9.15: That concerns weren't acted on was a serious failure in the way the system was working. Changes have been made, including the independent whistleblowing system

9.13: Nick Ferrari: Sandra Gidley says she brought up her concerns in 2007 - you didn't do something until 2008?

NC: What she said was we had a general conversation about the concerns related to Lord Rennard but she wasn't aware of any specific allegations. All I can recollect is in 2008 the general concerns that were expressed in my office were such that we acted upon them. Everyone wants to know now what happened in exact conversations five years ago

9.12: Caller - why did you not have an inquiry five years ago into Lord Rennard's behaviour?

NC: We did act on them, we did confront Lord Rennard. When they came to light last week we confronted him again.

9:11: Throught this whistleblowing system complaints will come through and they will be dealt with. Do I need a running tally?
9.10: On a new whistleblowing system set up in the past week - NC doesn't know how many people has rung so far. Nick Ferrari is incredulous

9.07: Danny Alexander met with Lord Rennard, told him there were these concerns. He denied it, the women said they didn't want to take it forward - they just wanted it to stop. We acted and acted as we could with what we were told at the time

The women were let down. I've got nothing to hide, we've got nothing to hide.

At the end of the day you can only launch investigations when people came forward and that hasn't happened until last Thursday.

All I care about at the end of the day that my Party that believes to its core in treating people with respect and that wasn't happening

9.06: I will get to the bottom of who passes information on to who. Johnny Oates didn't pass that information on to me.

Clearly something went seriously wrong in the organisation that people weren't talking to the people who needed to know.

People didn't properly listen [to these women].

9.05: NC denies ever knowing about a dossier that was created in 2010
9.04: NC: I did not know about those allegations [mentioned in the Channel 4 documentary]. I think it is crucial that you treat people with respect in what ever you do. As soon as I heard about the women I launched two investigations and we will look at everything. I want to make sure my Party is one that will treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

9:01 Nick Ferrari asks when Nick Clegg first became aware of the Lore Rennard issue.

Nick Clegg: during the course of 2008 general concerns about his inappropriate behaviour came to the attention of my office. We confronted him. My office was told that the women at the time didn't want the matter taken further - they just wanted it to stop.

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8:35 We're also only a day away from the Eastleigh by-election, following the resignation of Chris Huhne. With the Lib Dems and Conservatives fighting for the seat, Mr Clegg has been campaigning hard in the consistuency. But how will the recent stories affect their popularity?
8:33 Lord Rennard, the Liberal Democrat peer, has been accused of sexual harrassment by a number of women and Mr Clegg admitted he knew of "non-specific" allegations four years ago. He's been accused of not doing enough about the reports, so how will he react when Londoners put their questions to him?
8:30 Just 30 minutes until Call Clegg. It's sure to be a fascinating listen, as the Deputy Prime Minister has been on the front pages of the newspapers for much of this week over the Lord Rennard allegations.