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Monday 29th August 2016
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Call Clegg: As It Happened - 28th March 2013

Watch the whole of Call Clegg again as Nick Clegg answers listeners questions for another 30 minutes on LBC 97.3.

Last week, a stay-at-home mother told Mr Clegg "You think my job is worthless" and that made the front page of Friday's Daily Mail. So what will he be asked this week?

The Deputy Prime Minister will be answering your questions from 9am. Click on the links to watch or listen live - and follow it as it happens below.

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9:31 - NC: would love to go to Glastonbury for The Rolling Stones, whether I will go though...

9:29 - Laura - who we spoke to last week about being a stay at home Mum - left message saying she still thinks they are penalised.

NC: I don't accept measure we're making penalise stay at home parents. I am also a parent. I really do belive our role is not to tall parents how to live their lives - just give them support to make their choices. We're trying to help parents who want to work.

9:28 - question on Peers given inducement to not attend vote for secret courts (according to the paper) - Skyfall reportedly put on at the same time with refreshments.

NC: I wasn't aware of that - I don't think any of the peers I know would be distrated from this issue.

9:25 - Ramesh in Putney asks why don't people right at the top give a proportion of their salary for one year to solve it.

NC: at our first cabinet meeting we annouced that we would cut cabinet minister salary and freeze his and the PMs. So we did what you suggested.

9:23 - On Mike Hancock being investigated - reports NC recieved a written complant in 2011

NC: never recieved the letter in 2011, recieved one this February. I have asked the Chief Whip who is involved, meeting Hancock's solicitors and asked to speak to the complainants. We are taking this very seriously. Haven't spoken to Mike Hancock as he is very ill and hasn't been in Westminster in a long time.

9:23 - it's not unusual for this in other professions. I hope over time it will strengthen pride in nurses.

9:20 - Lauren in Watford - a nurse - asks about student nurses being required to do a year of care work before becoming a nurse. How will it work? She doesn't think people will get hired when employers know they will only be around for a year. But people can't do it voluntarily

NC:I'm a big supporter of this. The feeling from Mid Staffordshire was obsession with targets and loss of culture of care. It makes sense to make sure as part of training that people have experience of caring.

9:18 - On Abu Qatada - he shouldn't be here, should have deported him ages ago. European Court says he shouldn't be here. The legal arguments have got stuck. We are determined to deport him, wish we could do it sooner.
9:17 - Also a new build part of the scheme - the Government will share the equity in the property so you don't have to put in as much deposit - that hasn't started yet but will do shortly.

9:15 - Lucy - all good on paper but normal people don't have A Plus ratings - I have no debt at all and don't. How will it help normal people?

NC - what we're doing now is consulting with details - so what was announced hasn't yet come fully into effect

9:13 - Lucy and her partner trying to buy first home - banks failed to give them help - how are young people supposed to benefit with the Government's help to buy scheme if banks won't pay out?

NC - without knowing the details can't comment properly. We are working with the banks - was announced last week - they are enthusiastic

9:12 - on the Boris interview - I'm sure Boris is tough enough to take it.
9:12 - NC: we've provided more money, we've introduced more exemptions, we're prepared to do more.
9:10 - NC doesn't think Ealing council should be saying that people should be taking in a foster child to get around the bedroom tax.
9.08 - Lisa had Ealing council suggest she take in a foster child to avoid the bedroom tax. NC - first I've heard of a council doing that. We what to make sure people who recieve benefit in the social sector are treated the same as people in the private sector

9:07 - question on why for the bedroom tax two boys under 16 are supposed to share a bedroom.

NC - the rules are not new rules - children under 10 to share, children under 16 same gender 

9.06 - Sarah believes homelessness is a loophole so people can get past the waiting list - NC asks what would you do - take away council's powers to deal with that themselves?
9:04 - Would you prefer that councils didn't have the discretion to deal with homelessness in their area in the way they do?
9:02 This is about the rules that govern social housing - Local Authorities have a duty to help people in need. Local Authorities free to implement waiting lists for people from that area. The PM has signalled firmer guidelines for this issue
9:00 Call Clegg opens with a question about new limits to welfare benefits for new arrivals - such as restrictions of waiting lists for council houses. Surely people will bypass the waiting list by becoming homeless? Will someone who is homeless still trump others.
9:00 Call Clegg is underway

8:36 Lots to discuss on today's Call Clegg: the Deputy Prime Minister's first major speech on immigration or the failing trials for the new non-emergency 111 phone number replacing NHS Direct. And what about the government's plans for the Bedroom Tax?

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8:20 Last week, Laura from East Dulwich did just that and put her question to the Deputy Prime Minister. The next day, she was on the front page of the Daily Mail for it.

Daily Mail front page 22mar

8:15 Just 45 minutes until Nick Clegg is in the LBC studios to answer listener questions.

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