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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Call Clegg: As It Happened - 7th March 2013

Nick Clegg is back on LBC 97.3, back in his regular Thursday slot.

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It's been a good week for the Liberal Democrats after they won the Eastleigh by-election. But there are sure to be questions around Mr Clegg's decision to send his eldest son to a Catholic state school, despite being an atheist.

The Deputy Prime Minister will be answering your questions from 9am. Click on the links to watch or listen live - and follow it as it happens below.

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9.24 Carol from East Grinstead asks - as a person rather than a politician - how can you support Sir David Nicholson (Head of the NHS, former boss of Mid Staffordshire)

NC: The anguish that you must feel if a relative had sufford as horrifically as people did at Mid Staff hospital is terrible and of course you would want to hold people to account. If I felt Sir David Nicholson was to blame I would be on the barricades calling for him to be held responsible but Sir David Nicholson was temporarily in a position of responsibility for ten months, he's said categorically that he had no idea what was going on.

It almost lets the whole system off the hook to say "its his fault!"

I think we need to make sure that we dont go afer one individual because people's anger is so great. It's the balance that how do you make sure that you hold people to account but not by falsely satisfying people who are aggrieved by scapegoating someone when they report said precisely not to.

9.20 Anver in Chiswisk asks is we should be penalising stores over the horsemeat scandal.

NC:I think retailers have a big responsibilities that you buy what you think you're buying. I think the supermarkets themselves will want to restore customer confidence. There seems to be some organised criminality in this across Europe which is why it is important to have European crime fighting bodies involved.

Also it has exposed the incredibly complicated way food is processed which supermarkets will want to look into.

9.18 Michael asks what the Government plans to do to stop fuel rises?

NC: I think everyone would agree that the cost is fuel is one of people's main worries. What we've been doing is.... as you imagine the Government can't control the global prices. What we can do is not add to the motorists burden by adding more duty. We've been cancelling Labour's duty increases - it's very expenses to cancel these duty increases but we have done so.

That's a very important way that we are trying to help people.

9.15 Nick Ferrari pushes n if Nick Clegg knows how many people have called a new Lib Dem complaints line

NC: I have decided not to find out. It's not right for the Leader of the Party to pry into this.

What I want to do is ensure the failures in the past never happen again. We've got to turn a page on the culture. One of the key aspects of that is to give people complete assurance that if they come forward with a complain they will be dealt with in complete confidence and if they need to be taken forward, they are taken forward. 

9:12 question on income tax tax

NC: People on low pay - beause we're raising the point where you start paying tax they just won't be paying tax. People on higher wages will pay higher tax sooner - but only after they reach that threshold so it will cancel out for many. You're not paying 40% tax on everything - only the bit above that threshold. And everyone will benefit from the fact you won't start paying income tax until a higher level

9.10 Ferrari asks why NC thinks UKIP did so well in Eastleigh?

NC: it wasn't just a protest vote - Nigel Farage is a good campaigner - it's not just here look at Italy, look at Europe. Parties that express an anger are doing quite well. That doesn't surprise me. It's normal in times like these for people to have an outlet.

UKIP doesn't stand up to scrutiny, If they got in they would make things less stable and less safe.

9.06 Nick Ferrari asks about conflict between the Catholic Church's view on gay marriage and his own views including pushing through gay marriage in Parliament

NC: to try and drag in my views on this policy or that policy with the Catholic church is not fair when this is about a young boy going to a great school which his parents are thrilled about.

9.04 Kumar asks if Nick Clegg feels guilty for sending his son to a faith school - taking up a place - when he could afford a private school?

NC: You can't win can you? 

I've always said we will do what is right for our child. It is a school where his friends go, it's a great school. He goes to a state faith school now.

9:02 Paul asks about faith run schools and how they are doing so much better - can we not just take the faith out of the schools and keep the teachers?

NC: I don't think it's fair that state schools that aren't faith schools are worse. I think it depends massively. But you're right the thing you want to bottle is great, committed teachers. The recipe for that is complicated and is hard to boil down to a formula. Headteachers are massively important.

9.01: Call Clegg begins with Nick Ferrari congratulating NC on Eastleigh win.

NC: All by-elections are important but this was particularly important. The fact that people gave us a vote of confidence on what we were doing was a great tribute to what we actually do

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8:39 Plus, could he be asked about Labour's new immigration policy, Boris' new cycling plan for London and Cameron's plans for the economy. Find out in 20 minutes.
8:37 Mr Clegg has also revealed he's sending his eldest son to the London Oratory School, a Catholic State School, despite being an atheist. He's sure to be asked about his decision.

8:33 It's been a much better week for Nick Clegg after the Liberal Democrats held on to their Eastleigh seat in last Thursday's by-election. Does Mr Clegg think that shows how his party can move forward towards the next election?

8:30 Call Clegg is back in 30 minutes as the Deputy Prime Minister answers your questions.