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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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Call Clegg: As It Happened - 17th January 2013

Thursday 17th January 2013

Nick Clegg has been answering LBC listeners' questions in the second of his historic radio shows this morning - here is how it went.

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The Deputy Prime Minister became the first senior minister to have a weekly radio phone-in when he is on Call Clegg with Nick Ferrari.

Here are the key moments of Call Clegg.

9.34: Nick Clegg (squirms). Answer: "my wife probably"

9.34: Question: if your back was against the wall who would you want on your side? Farage, Miliband or Cameron?

9.34: When pushed again on Europe "I believe that having years of paralysing debate of if we're in or out of [Europe] is damaging"

9.32: Press needs to set up its own independent regulator according to Leveson - Nick Clegg: "we can have an endless debate about the means of delivering the Leveson report but we must deliver it. Delay lets people off the hook."

9.30: Nick Clegg - "Leveson warned against some of the proposals for numerical limits. Where I agree with you is that we've got to get on and 'do' Leveson. What he recommended." Not a regulated press. "He said 'I'm against the state regulating the press' - [the press] need to come up with a system of self regulation which can be independently tested."

9.28: Meredith, Soho - On the news hacking scandal - "Nick you said that plurality is one of the key ways to change the media but you've done nothing about it"

9.27: Local authorities and communities have to be prepared to "take the plunge" - if you do it in a planned way you avoid controversy.

9.27: Nick Clegg "We've also got to plan on building communities. I'm a big supporters of Garden Cities - lets not just create suburban sprawl". Hopes to publish prospectus on how to create them shortly.

9.26: "My biggest frustration on housing is the gap between announcement and housing being built is as big as it is"

9.25: Nick Clegg: "for the first time ever this Government has said it will offer Government guarantees to people who want to build homes and developers who want to convert empty housing. We also simplified the planning laws so they don't get bogged down in endless delays. We've made the process simpler, we're offering these ten billion pounds worth into Government guarantees and we've poured money into converting empty homes."

9.23: Nick Clegg: "I agree and it has a crippling effect, especially on young people and families who want to get on the housing ladder."

9.23: Joshua, Manor Park - What is the Government's strategy for eradicating homelessness? We've failed to build sufficient housing for 40 years now

9.22: "We do need to do more to foster jobs in the private sector when they are lost elsewhere" admits he will later today announce more money for a fund to help create more jobs - could create half a million jobs in total

9.21: "Jessops - people are taking pictures on their phones, Blockbusters - people are watching online"

9.21: Nick Clegg on closing high street stores: 'our high streets are changing - and I think it would happen even in good economic conditions

9.20: Nick Clegg "people are more interested in hearing about my regrets than in my achievements - which are many"

9.19: Nick Clegg "the legislation which will reduce the size of the House of Commons is there. It is unlikely to happen before the next election." In response to question on the move

9.18: Has flown in and out of Battersea - "I've not done it that many times, it's an amazing experience and they are very experienced pilots - which is why we need to look at this very carefully". Pete Barnes - the pilot - had flown as a stunt pilot among other things

9.16: "It is so tragic, two lives lost, but you just shudder to think what would have happened if it had landed elsewhere"

9.16: On Vauxhall helicopter crash - "The emergency services once again proved to be extraordinary and heroic"

9.15: "I think whoever put their name to this [anonymous poll over MP pay] needs to think again - and think what it says to their constituents"

9.15: Adds that MPs no longer have control over their own pay

9.14: Nick Clegg "There is a difference between Ministers and MPs - ministers took a 5% pay cut when they came into office." MPs who think they should get a 30% pay rise when we are saying to nurses and teachers they can only get a 1% rise are "living on a different planet"

9.13: Tracy in Newcastle asks about MPs pay - given cuts at the moment should ministers be given a pay cut?

9.12: Meg asks why calls for an EU referendum are being ignored and concerns about Romanians and Bulgarians being able to move freely around Europe? Nick Clegg: "I totally understand why people are anxious and why people are sceptical about what politicians say about the floodgates opening after what happened with Poland"

9.11: "It is very different in one very important respect - last time we were the only country that opened their borders - they had nowhere else to go. We must add many Poles are very valued workers. This time all countries have opened their borders. What you tent to see is the Bulgarians and Romanians tend to go to Spain. We have to keep a close eye on it."

9.09: On David Cameron's key speech on Europe - "I don't think you protect the jobs dependent on Europe if you suggest your headed to the exit door." Doesn't know what will be in the PM's speech - it is more as head of the Conservative Party. Agrees relationship with Europe needs reform.

9.07: Nick Clegg "I'm not really sure that some of the other things [UKIP] stand for are being examined properly"

9.05: "I don't think [their policies on Europe] would be good for jobs, young people, prosperity of Europe. So I don't agree with them but at least they have been consistent"

9.04: Tony has rung in - he wants to know what Nick Clegg thinks of UKIP?

9.04: Nick Clegg still doesn't have his Lib Dem membership card with him - two weeks out of two

9.03: Nick Clegg has written to last week's caller Sara reassuring her of support for people who are affected by military cuts.

9.03: Nick Clegg says he enjoyed last week's Call Clegg - "I just genuinely believe if you take questions head on - it's the kind of spontaneous politics people want"