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Sunday 28th August 2016
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Call Clegg: Nick Clegg On LBC - Live Blog

Follow Call Clegg as it happens as Nick Clegg answers listeners questions for another 30 minutes on LBC 97.3.

The day before the local election, it is a floating voter special for Call Clegg as he answers your questions live from a boat on the Thames.

The Deputy Prime Minister will be answering your questions from 9am. Click on the links to watch or listen live - and follow it as it happens below.

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9:31 Nick Ferrari asks which of the other leaders - Cameron, Farage or Miliband - he would get to walk off the plank?

NC: All three of them hand in hand [laughs]

9:29 Question on immigration?

NC: public confidence in how the immigration system works has been damaged. Labour didn't know what was going on, it was choas. We've cut immigration over the last few years, we've introduced exit checks, we're stamping out abuse

9:28 Dan in Dartford on cutting aid to South Africa despite saying we're continuing foreign aid

NC:  It's controversial - the money set aside has to go to the most needy places. It's a difficult decision to take but it is right for Justine Greening and her team

9:25 Mike in Stretham - voted Lib Dem last time and feels let down as the economy hasn't been fixed.

NC: There is a view that abandoning cuts will put the economy back to normal. It's not as simple as that. Our plan isn't as remorseless as some of our critics suggest. They are less than Obama's and what is happening in France and Spain.

If you don't want ot fill the black hole in the public finances what is the answer? Labour have a schoolboy approach. We have profound problems in the eeconomy.

We are being open about this - it is going to take longer than we'd hoped.

9:23 Elizabeth - a mental health worker - asks about top tip for surviing a pressurised job

NC: Mine is not to take your work home. Family is an incredibly strong antidote. It's not just politics - there are lots of jobs which are stressful... nursing, radio presenting...

I can't talk for everyone. My own view is keep family and work separate.

9:21 Hannah in Oprington asking about Bangladesh building collapse - could the Government put pressure on companies to stop using cheap workers to make clothing.

NC: consumers have a lot of power - if they start buying clothes from places that have better ethics it will affect others. It's good that Primark have offered compensation - not that it brings people back.I think htis terrible catastrophy will make people think again.

9:19 NC: (cont) I think we are starting to see movement and will start to see more homes coming available.

This is why the role of housing associations is so important - they can build on a large scale but have been held back, we are trying to reverse that.

9:17 The last floating voter is Peter Coaling from Essex. Asks about the lack of choice around housing options for older people. He says they can't free up larger properties by moving or if there is nowhere to move to.

NC: I strongly agree with the dilemma, builindg more homes creates jobs in the short term and allows elderly people to downsize freeing up homes for families. It's one of the most frustrating challenges in Government. We've thrown loads of resources at house building but it is taking longer than expected. 

9:16 No political party will commit to conclusions (on aviation report) what ever they are. I am a big defender of the process. People talk as is we don't have the capacity. We do we're just not using it correctly.

9:13 Jeremy Taylor - voting in Sussex - floating voter. He asks about the economy and jobs. Has a problem with Lib Dems aviation policy - thinks we need more growth o we'll fall behind.

NC: Aviation is incredibly important. We have lots of airports dotted around London. Some airports are running below capacity/ We need to find a more rational answer to spreading the load. We also need to look at the long term. People have come up with all sorts of answers.

9:12 All MPs are reposnible for their own offices and all have said they want to move to a system where people are properly supported. No one is saying interns should become like salaried jobs - that would destroy the point of interns.

9:10 Fern - a floating voter - asks about unpaid interns

NC: We're all trying to change the way internships and opporunities are provided. Apprenticeships are an example of this. I think we need to move towards a system where they aren't abused and doing a job where someone should be properly paid.

9:09 Nick Clegg: my Dad had a well paid career and he and other said 'hang on, I don't need this'

Just imagine how it feels from the point from a family who've lost benefits 

9:06 Michael in Ilford asks about pensioner benefits - what constitutes a wealthy senior citizen?

NC:  We've made difficult decisions on the welfare budget - a third of everything we spend is benefits and pensions - I think if we're going to do further welfare reforms you have to have fair first principles - start at the top and work down.

It's not fair for the family who've had benefits is taken away to be paying for a free tv licence for a millionaire pensioner.

We think the line should be drawn in manifestos ahead of the next general election

9:05 The Lib Dems have had a torrid time the last few years but we've been winning local elections - we got Eastleigh.

9:05 NC - of course it is terrible when the EU funds roads that go nowhere but we have to be careful not to be pious. We should stamp on any financial mismanagement - whereever we find it.

9:02 David in Forest Hill - a UKIP voter - asks about whether if UKIP are successful in the local elections they will take it as a push for a referendum on Europe.

NC: I understand it is seductive to vote for parties that want to make a big change but I don't think UKIP have the policies. Lets have the debate but I don't think just because UKIP is appealling to people who want to send a message to mainstream politicians doesn't mean we shouldn't scrutinise their policies - or non-policies

9:01 On the subject of three British fatalities in Afghanistan.

NC: My heart goes out to their family and friends. It's coming out they were killed by a roadside bomb while in a heavily armoured vehicle. You are dealing with a very ruthless enemy who can even damage the best equipment

9:00 - Call Clegg is underway! Live from a boat in the Thames.
08:45 Among the topics that could be discussed today are the UK cutting aid to South Africa, the Liberal Democrats position on UKIP and their policy on education.
08:40 Call Clegg is all about the Deputy Prime Minister answering your questions. Send your question to Mr Clegg
08:36 Unfortunately, as we're in the middle of the River Thames, there is no live stream of Call Clegg today. But don't worry, the cameras are still in place, so you'll be able to watch the whole of the show right here soon afterwards.
08:34 Local elections are taking place tomorrow around the country, so can Mr Clegg convince floating voters to put a cross next to the Liberal Democrats?
08:30 Call Clegg is live from the River Thames today as Nick Clegg answers questions from floating voters while floating on the river.