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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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Call Clegg: Nick Clegg On LBC - Watch In Full

Follow Call Clegg as it happens as Nick Clegg answers listeners questions for another 30 minutes on LBC 97.3.

Call Clegg - 20th June 2013 from LBC 97.3 on Vimeo.


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09:32 So that's it for Call Clegg for this week - it's been another fascinating one, with interesting discussions on army redundancies, teaching reforms and whether he'd intervene if he saw Saatchi and Nigella Lawson.

Plus, his responses to Obama's comment he was the better looking half of the coalition!

09:30 - When did Michael Give spend a term in a classroom? Or a week? Asks Alison who teaches under fives.

NC: I don't think he has spent a term.

The whole Government is absolutely determined to make sure the early years provision is the best quality. On the whole I hope you think that things we have done are making a difference. [Lists benefits].

I understand you think ministers sould spend a week or a term in a classroom but I don't think it is practical.

As a father of young children I know if you get children when they are young it makes a dramatic difference to their subsequent years.

09:28 - on Trish Mill - a disabled lady who spoke to Nick Clegg earlier this year.

It was a few days before the Local Elections - I was ringing voters and she gave me a piece of her mind about how she couldn't get a disabled bay devoted to her outside her house.

[She's still not got her bay]

I can do a lot of things as Deputy PM but unfortunately I can't get a paint brush.

[Says he will look into it again]

09:26 - on Stuart Hall only getting 15 months for sexually assaulting young girls.

NC: It's not for politicians to second guess judges but there is a review process and that is underway. The Attorney General is looking at it. I think everybody was surprised at the verdict. It would be an incredibly dangerous precident for politicians to get involved because they don't like a verdict - but that is for the Attorney General to look at.

09:24 - on calls for the three women who confronted the suspected Woolwich attackers to get a George medal.

NC: I think they should get something to recognise their bravery. I like it when we use some of these dusty old honours to recognise everyday people rather than members of the establishment. I'm all in favour of it.

09:21 - on terrorism and talking to the Taliban.

NC: the decision the Americans and ourselves have taken.... we are withdrawing from Afghanistan and we need to make sure it is stable. We can't just cut and run. At the end of the day you need everybody in one shape of form to buy into the idea that you need some form of reconciliation.

The Taliban is not a homogenous group - it is a label for quite a loose organisation. We don't really quite know if you can engage with just parts of the Taliba, the parts who want to give people the rights they were denied the last time the Taliban were in charge.

09:20 - on 'slacker' Johnson nickname for Boris

NC: Hasn't he lived up to the nickname - the only photos we've seen of him this week was him playing tennis at Queens.

09:19 - on Barack Obama saying Clegg 'was better looking half of the coalition'

NC: [apparently blushing] I think anyone looking at the three of us would conclude the coolest looking person was Obama. 

09:15 - I share - I sure many people share - the anguish over the people displaced and killed. It is truly horrific. We wish it to come to the end - the question is how.

What do you think?

David: Not getting Russia on side has brought us on side. 

NC: I totally agree with you on your frustration The question is how, it isn't simple when you have this bloody civil war when people are each others throat. The idea that we can just sort it out from the outside - it's not that simple.

09:13 - David in Israel rings to ask about Syria

NC: we are doing a considerable amount. The UK is among the largest providers of humanitarian aid. We have been at the forefront of recognising the Free Syria army as a legitimate force. We back them as the rightful inheritors of the country and we are putting our money where our mouth is and supplying them with resources.

09:12 - I feel there is no equivalence at all between what is happening to Ian Brady and the barbaric torture he committed. I feel as long as he refuses to allow the families of the victims to deal with their own sense of grief I find it hard to elevate his rights above theirs.

09:10 - Oliver asks about Ian Brady - should he be allowed the right to die?

NC: I haven't followed the case closely but my reaction as a human being not a politician is that the fact he still hasn't told the family of one of the victims where the body is... how cruel can you be. To go to court to protect your own rights when you won't tell the family so they can get closure.

I have no sympathy for him on any level but certainly not when he won't tell the family where the body is.

09:06 - Elizabeth asks about what Clegg would have done if he witnessed Charles Saatchi putting his hands around Nigella Lawson's neck?

NC: It's so hard. You don't know what happened. When you see a couple rowing it tends to resolve itself but then if it descends into violence that is a very different thing. It was one photograph so it is very hard to know what was going on. It's a hard question.

If you are asking me a general question about if a woman is physically threatened I hope everyone has the same insticts to help the weaker person.

09:05 - we are trying to keep compulsory redundancies to a minimum, we prefer voluntary redundancies. Our dilemma is early on we had to ask how we could put the army onto a stable footing.

We had to sort out a monumental mess in the MoD's finances.

09:03 - It must be a huge change to move into a job elsewhere. There is a lot of help being provided for that transition but I'm not pretending it's not difficult.

We are going to announce more cuts in the next week or two but there won't be any more armed services job cuts in that.

9:02 - Call Clegg begins with a question about cuts in the armed forces.

NC: it is in an incredibly difficult situation. We inherited a hole in our finances. We are offering a lot of help to people who are losing their jobs 

08:56 Mr Clegg is just about to come into the LBC 97.3 studio - stay tuned for another unmissable episode of Call Clegg.
08:52 Will anyone ask Nick about this comment from Obama?


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08:40 Then there was the LBC 97.3 exclusive on the BBC's 22m spent on gagging clauses. What does the Deputy Prime Minister think of that?
08:37 The front pages have covered an NHS cover-up and the Saatchi police caution. Will anyone ask him about those stories?
08:34 It's been another interesting week, with the leaders in the world's most powerful countries met in Northern Ireland for the G8 Conference. How does Mr Clegg think it went?
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