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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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Call Clegg: Nick Clegg On LBC - Live Blog

Follow Call Clegg as it happens as Nick Clegg answers listeners questions for another 30 minutes on LBC 97.3.

The Deputy Prime Minister is back after a week off - and it's been an emotional week in the House of Commons following the death of Margaret Thatcher. Plus, will anyone ask Nick Clegg about the benefit reforms?

The Deputy Prime Minister will be answering your questions from 9am. Click on the links to watch or listen live - and follow it as it happens below.

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9.31: On disappointing M&S figures - clothing not food.

NC: I am a major devotee of their clothing!

9:28 Gohar in Tooting wants to know whether it would better to spend the 10 million for Thatcher's funeral on help for the third world

NC: We are one of the leading Governments in the world for spending money in the third world. It is a very controversial thing as we have so many needs at home. I think we should be proud of helping and it is in our interest as it diminishes immigration and terrorism.

9:26 Susie retorts that this is happening across the board. She was told by five of the London trusts who were very candid about the amount of jobs available. 

NC:Will get back to here

9:24 Susie asks about midwife shortage - she is a student midwife - are you decieving people as you are saying you are training midwifes but the trusts don't have the money to employ us!

NC: I don't think we're deceiving anyone - we are making sure there are more midwives being trained. However there are issues in individual trusts - that is down to the trusts. 

9:23 - Joan Collins has tweeted about if he has tinted his hair.

NC (surprised) no! I have had a haircut though

9:22 changes have been introduced - pubs and clubs have to pay for some of the problems they create. Hard to do in hospitals - how would we do it?

9:20 Tony asks why can't we make people responsible for the cost they occur to the NHS if they get blind drunk etc

NC I have quite a lot of sympathy with that principle. Why should people have to pick up the bill. It is quite tricky to do though.

9:16 Crystal in Pimlico wants a yes or no answer - in light of all the cuts - will he return 5% of his wages to the Treasury like President Obama.

NC: Yes. It was the first thing we did when we got into power was cut MPs wages by 5%

9:13 Silvia's daugher has a rare blood disease - leading to blood clots. She ended up with kidney failure. A 'miracle cure' is available but Jeremy Hunt - Health Secretary - won't make it available.

NC:I can't imagine your anguish, it must be heartbreaking. I haven't heard of this condition or the drug. This is a very difficult area. We've tried to make the system as fair as possible asking NICE to make judgements - on the whole politicians defers to their judgement.

9:11 Changes to disability benefits is about talking to people and treating them like humans. There will be people who have recieved it no questions asked for years who will be questioned but many people - half a million - will recieve more benefits

9:08 June in Oprpington's husband is on disabillity benefits - money keeps not arriving in bank account. Payment weeks being changed. Why don't they thing isn't it worth telling people that they are going to be paid a week later?

NC: This is why I am supporting the system being simplified - asks for June to stay on the line so he can look into it properly.

9:05 Question on Thatcher - her attacks on working people - bearing that in mind is it fitting to have a statue erected to her and should taxpayers be paying for it?

NC: She was complicated - there were good things and bad things. We can't blame her for what is happening now, a lot of that is Labour. There is a statue of her in the House of Commons. She is a polarising figure but I'm not going to begrudge her supporters wanting to pay tribute to her.

9:04 People forget how things felt before she arrived - I disagree with a lot of what she did but we have to acknowledge her impact

9:03 On the 'death parties' for Margaret Thatcher - I think it is so out of keeping of the character of our nation.

I don't think it reflects the majority view.

9:02 MPs should only claim what they need to claim to get to the debate - if they wanted to. All sensible MPs will travel as economically as possible. They are always able to claim for reasinable travel to get to Parliament

9:00 Karen from Bethnal Green asks if we should be paying so much to MPs to come back to pay tribute to Margaret Thatcher when we are in austerity.

NC: MPs aren't being paid that money for the recall - they are being provided that money by an independent body for travel. She was a significant figure and it was recess so it was right to have that debate

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08:35 In the week that Margaret Thatcher passed away, will Nick Clegg support calls for a statue to the UK's only female Prime Minister.
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8:20 Forty minutes to go until the return of Call Clegg.