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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Call Clegg: Nick Clegg On LBC - Live Blog

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09:33 On eating dinner with Mick Jagger - did he eat?

Yes he ate, I stress we didn't talk about politics. I can confirm he ate.

09:32 What were they laughing about in Andy Murray picture?

I can't remember - I'd like to think it was one of my jokes. He was very modest and also had a lovely sense of humour.

09:30 A question - from 13 year-old Kush - on how a teen can get more involved in politics

NC: Well I guess get involved with whatever party you feel most comfortable with - get in touch with the local party, one thing people forget is that all politics is local at the end of the day. If you don't like that I wouldn't suggest you don't get involved in politics. Ultimately it is do you ike fixing things for people in the community you live in?

09:27 On the three full life term prisoners - after ECHR ruled that it breaches their human rights

NC: I'm a supporter of whole life tariffs, there are a whole lot of judgements in our courts that I don't agree with. The whole point of law is that it is independent of policians. When we have court cases in our own country we don't like we accept that at the end of the day the rule of law is there to protect everyone.

The European Court needs reforming and we are reforming it. 

The European Court was actually established by British lawyers and was called for by Churchill.

09:24 Question on prison reform and the punative aspect of sentencing - we seem to care more about rehabilitating the offenders than punishing them and helping the victims

NC: Of course there is a punative aspect - you are taking away their freedom and that is a very, very powerful message. The vast, vast majority of prisoners come out of prison so what is the sensible thing to do as a society? It is in the interest of victims that we make sure that we not only put someone away but change their behaviour. 

One of our biggest problems is reoffending.

09:22 On M&S and what it needs to do to regain customer and staff loyalty

NC: I'm a very big fan and customer. They have done really well on their food side of things, the criticism is they haven't kept up with fashions.  I just think the fact that they had to hold this meeting in Wembley - that so many people feel so strongly about it - that's a good thing.

I wish them luck. I wish all British retailers on the High Street luck.

09:20 On William Hague 'stupid woman' comment

NC: It's not language he should use. I don't think it is a great choice of words but I also know in my experience he is one of the most polite and civil politicians I have encountered. People do get carried away in the House of Commons - need to remember millions of people can watch it on the telly.

09:18 Question on the behaviour in the House of Commons during Prime Ministers Questions

NC: I actually wasn't there yesterday but I hear it was pretty rowdy. The difficulty is you start off thinking you will do things differently before you know it you are shouted down and you have to raise your voice.

I think it is completely off-putting to people and I think where possible we need to constantly make parliament look and feel more modern.

09:16 Question on why Nick Clegg was on holiday at the same time as David Cameron last year - caller Diane calls it "unacceptable"

NC: I am sorry you feel like that, the Prime Minister and I try to avoid this thing. There's not always a perfect match. We have a lot of faith in other senior members of Cabinet that they can hold the fort for those brief moments.

(Admits it will happen again this year)

09:14 Update on Silvia in Northolt who rang in in April as her daughter has a rare blood disease but the NHS wouldn't provide the cure - a week later NC claimed the NHS was prepared to provide the medication on an individual basis.

There is now a meeting of the patient group with health bosses about it - Silvia has sent her thanks to the PM for his involvement.

09:09 Question on the Unite Union and their support for Labour.

NC: I know that trade unions are bank rolling the Labour party, they write Parliamentary Questions for MPS, they support candidates - they fund about 80 Labour consituency office. 

I think Trade Unions play an incredibly important role in any society - I don't think it's healthy for trade unions to be seen as the puppet master of one political party.

If Ed Miliband really wants to be serious he should legislate about changing from an opt out to opt in.

I wish we could get a cross party deal on party funding - it got nowhere for familiar reasons, the Conservatives don't want a funding cap and Labour don't want to stop Trade Union funding.

All political parties get damaged at some point in some way by the way big money slashes in.

09:06 Question on if Andy Murray should become a Sir following Wimbledon win - and should politicians be allowed to stand in the Royal box and make political jestures (reference to Alex Salmond - holding up Scottish flag)

NC: I was watching at home. It's no tfor politicians to decide who gets a knighthood but I think what he has achieved is on a par with other sports persons who have recieved such honours.

I didn't see the Alex Salmond thing. The way I've heard about it I just thought it was a bit crass really. Everyone wanted to celebrate as a country and I think the last thing people want is to see someone get up and make a political point, think it jarred.

09:04 We are in unprecedented time. This is the worst time to suggest members get a double digit pay increase.

09:02 I don't think the fact we have pay restraint in the country generally is because MPs invoiced for a duckpond.

We have to trim the money spent in the public sector - so part of that is public sector pay.

I find it incomprehensible that politicians should be treated differently to other public sector workers.

There is a consultation underway.

09:00 Call Clegg begins with a question about pay rises for MPs

NC: We'll see what the independent body has to say about MP pay rises but the reason I've said I wouldn't accept such a pay increase at this time because I represent many people who have either had a pay freeze or rises cap. That might change but currently we're in the middle of a massive repair job.  

09:00 Call Clegg is underway.
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08:35 Since then, Mr Clegg has attended a Number 10 garden party with Wimbledon champion Andy Murray and seen MPs receive a 10% pay rise. Will he get any questions about those?
08:33 Last week, Mr Clegg made headlines as he backed the Sainsbury's check-out operator who refused to serve a customer on their mobile phone, revealing that the Clegg dinner table is a technology-free zone.
08:30 Welcome to this week's edition of Call Clegg as the Deputy Prime Minister answers your questions live on LBC 97.3.