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Sunday 28th August 2016
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Call Clegg: Nick Clegg On LBC - Live Blog

Follow Call Clegg as it happened as Nick Clegg answered listeners questions for another 30 minutes on LBC 97.3.

Syria was a big question for the Deputy Prime Minister  - with the shortage of school places and sex education in schools also discussed.

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09:31 - Question on Arsenal's new signing

Superb. I'm a big believer in Arsene Wenger. I'm immensely excited that this very great layer is joining Arsenal

09:30 - Question after cyclist killed - should we ban cyclist.

Boris has been very outspoken about this - there are new measure in place for lorries. We don't want to say either cyclists or lorries should be banned. We need to make sure they exist side by side. Other cities make cyclists feel safe and secure, we need to follow best practice.

09:27 - Question on payday lenders - does he think it is right

We're not standing by Wonga and other payday lenders are going to be under new regulations. They themselves have set up a new code. Where they are not respecting it, that is wrong and flouts respect and dignity.

If we don't think they are turning a page we are standing by to take action.

There are new rules and new enforcement bodies. Where there is evidence there is no we shouldn't stand by.

09:21 - Question on sex education guidance should be updated - it hasn't been changed for 13 years

NC: I've heard a lot of people say that the explosion on internet porn puts a lot of pressure on young women and is a new phenomenon. 

My own view is that of course the guidance should be updated - the world is a very different place. I suspect all parent want their teenage sons and daughters to be given guidance no matter what school they go to. At the moment there are lots of schools who don't need to follow even the outdated guidelines.

I'll be honest there is conflict in Parliament over this - not all my colleagues agree.


09:20 - I think it's a modern world, it's not just Dads who earn more money and the Mum who stays at home. We need to recognise that.

09:18 - there are some mothers who would like to go to work earlier because they might be the main breadwinner but might like their husband or partner to use up the rest of the paternity leave.

We are trying to move away from the assumption that it must always be the Mum who stays at home for the whole duration.

09:16 - Question of rights for Dads - small businesses can't afford paternity leave

It's not about paying two people the same entitlement it is about two people sharing the entitlement given to mothers only at the moment.

It's not for the state to tell parents how to divvy up the leave they've got.


We've got to work with Local Authorites, they are the ones at the sharp end. We've put lots of money in and we have to work together.

09:10 - Question on shortage of school places

NC: The main lesson is to learn that Governments and all of us need to be smarter at anticipating these big demographic changes.

We noticed in 2011 the upcoming shortfall and have set up 5b to boost places. We've created about 60,000 extra places in London since the election.

We need to do more and we are. We are making efforts to address this issue. 

09:08 - Question on why we aren't revisiting Syria in Parliament

NC: I don't think there is much sense in asking the same question. The facts are pretty clear. I think Parliament has spoken and we need to respect its will. We respect the will of Parliament. We need to get on with providing for the humanitarian effort and working with the UN and at the G20 summit. That is the sensible way to proceed. We live in a democracy

09:06 - On Ed Miliband

I don't begrudge him making a decision. What is frustrating is we had bent over backwards to address all his concerns, we changed the motion several times.

They then came up with a rival motion to divide the house when the motions were essentially the same.

We all need to act in the national interest.

09:05 - It is partly about where you come from as a person and you have to say 'no, a line has been crossed and it can't happen with out consequences'

09:04 - I regret the decision [in Parliament]. I respect that people feel differently to me but I think when you are in a position of responsibility and something this momentous happens I continue to worry terribly about the precident we set in the years to come.

I don't begrudge people who feel differently to me - I am a democrat.

09:03 - the scale of what happened in the final chemical attack far outweighs the earlier attacks. It is already being done on a more frequent scale than any other dictator in recent memory.

09:01 - Question on why Parliament was called back as early as it was for Syria debate - US had a lot more information

NC: we published information that there was a firm legal base to deter use of chemical weapons on humanitarian grounds. The big debate in Iraq was the legality. We would never do anything that isn't legally sound.

Let's remember the use of chemical weapons is a war crime.

We were never going to go to Parliament and say we will make a case based on what someone else is doing.

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