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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Call Clegg: Nick Clegg On LBC - Live Blog

Follow Call Clegg as it happens as Nick Clegg answers listeners questions for another 30 minutes on LBC 97.3.

And it's going to be unmissable, with Mr Clegg on the front page of the Daily Mail, under the headline "The Shaming of Nick Clegg", over his failure to respond to claims of sexual harrassment against Lord Rennard. How will he respond?

The Deputy Prime Minister will be answering your questions from 9am. Click on the links to watch or listen live - and follow it as it happens below.

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09:32 So, a lively Call Clegg comes to an end. What did you make of it?

You can watch the whole of Call Clegg again above very shortly.

09:31 One final time, Nick Ferrari asked about whether he would go on a diversity course with him: "I think you are belittling the recommendation. I support the recommendations the report made."
09:30 Jason in Putney is asking about the Chilcott Inquiry. Mr Clegg says: "I don't have a date to give you. It's for when Mr Chilcott feels he has the full time to do the job he's been asked to do."
09:29 "I think it's right that the police can say 'Come and talk to us and come up with a plan for the protests."
09:28 On the police response to the Stop G8 protesters, Clegg says: "I support the police. I got the impression that these protesters didn't want to talk to the police or even the public on what they are protesting about."

09:26 Mr Clegg insists he doesn't regret saying on Call Clegg that the press were "self-appointed detectives".

"I opposed the rush to judge ahead of an investigation," he said.

09:25 Asked if he would take a diversity course, as the report recommends for activists, Mr Clegg says: "If she recommends this, that is what we will do.

"The most important thing for me as the leader of the Liberal Democrats is to take it on the chin and to make sure the changes are put in place."

But he won't say that he will go on a diversity course!

09:24 Clegg: "It is my job to identify the problems. She acknowleges in her report that we have made changes which have fixed these issues."

09:23 Clegg: "In the report, she says the problem was that the allegations were often made anonymously. Of course, I take responsibility as leader of the organisation for the failings of the processes we had in place."
09:22 Clegg: "The independent report says that the individuals who dealt with the allegations did so with the right motives, but not with the right process. There was no cover up, as the Daily Mail claimed for ages."
09:21 Another email question, this time about "The Shaming Of Nick Clegg" headline in the Daily Mail.
09:20 An email question from Sid on RBS. Mr Clegg says: "It can't continue to be this giant organisation now it's tax-payer funded."

09:18 Mr Clegg says he's going to call Boris "Slacker Johnson", as he's only going to be on LBC 97.3 once a month!

Boris Johnson joins LBC 97.3

09:17 Clegg: "Of course, it's better if more people are out on their bicycles."
09:16 Nicola in Forest Hill is asking about cycling superhighways. She says that there is little encouragement for ladies to get out on their bikes. How do we get more ladies out cycling?
09:13 "We want to make sure that people are given the chance to say how their situations have changed. It is wrong that we just give people the same support forever. We want to make sure the system is fair and everyone is getting the support they need."

09:12 Clegg: "If you have a disability and you require support, then you will continue to receive support. In fact, you might even receive more. By some estimates, half a million people will get more support.

"But there will be other people who it is obvious that they don't need the support that they needed 10 years ago."

09:11 Caller Janet is disabled and is confused by the PIP, which is replacing the Disability Living Allowance. She's worried she won't be able to get out any more.

09:09 "Of course, children with special needs will always be given help. We want to make sure they are not somehow not served right in this new system.

"We're trying to make sure the system is more rigorous where it needs to be more rigorous."

09:08 The caller James is asking about how his son, with Aspergers and dyspraxia will be able to cope with more exams and less coursework.

09:06 Mr Clegg is now being asked about Michael Gove's new exam to replace the GCSE. "I was against the original plans by my Conservative colleagues.

"But now, I not only support, but advocate the plans. I think they get the balance right."

09:04 Regarding the PRISM issue, Mr Clegg says: "I am absolutely convinced that the use of communications data and the ability to look at the content by the intelligence agency are being done in a way that is legal."

He says there are "exacting checks and balances" on the way all our intelligence agencies operate.

09:02 Clegg: "I've not been persuaded by the case of the need of the snooper's charter. There is an issue over the fact that mobile devices don't have unique IP addresses.

"But a wide-ranging snooper's charter has proved to be either unworkable or out of proportion."

09:01 Peter in Enfield says we have been misled by William Hague over the GCHQ spying issue. He asks if Mr Clegg will stay strong and deny the Snooper's Charter?
09:00 Mr Clegg is in the studio... it's time to start!
08:40 Of course, the Liberal Democrat leader will be answering whatever questions you want to put to him. Call 0845 60 60 973 or visit this page to send us your question.
08:38 How will Mr Clegg respond to these allegations? Tune in to LBC 97.3 from 9am to find out.

08:34 Under the headline 'The Shaming of Nick Clegg', the Daily Mail reports: "A humiliated Nick Clegg last night admitted he failed to respond vigorously enough to a series of sexual harassment complaints about his party’s former chief executive.

"The Deputy Prime Minister ‘made mistakes’ over the allegations against Lord Rennard, according to a highly critical report into attitudes to women among senior Liberal Democrats."

08:30 Welcome to this week's edition of Call Clegg - and yet again, it comes when the Deputy Prime Minister is on the front page of the newspapers.