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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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Calls For High Rises To Be Torn Down

Thursday 24th January 2013

High-rise tower blocks in London should be torn down to reduce crime levels.

The think tank, Policy Exchange, wants them replaced with terraced homes.

The Government says good design is vital to avoid the mistakes of the last century.

Policy Exchange's Head of Housing, Alex Morton, has told LBC 97.3 evidence shows multi-storey flats attract higher crime rates and anti-social behaviour.

"There's a lot of evidnece that these building are unpopular, they're not very attractive asthetically," he explained.

"There is also more serious evidence that they tend to lead to higher crime and the people who live there tend to report greater feelings of alienation and loss of community."

Arguments against include London's current lack of housing, but Mr Morton believes tearing down tower blocks wouldn't make things worse.

"This would actually accommodate more people. The density of a four or five story terraced house with some redbrick flats is much higher than the existing modern multi-storey estates."

What do you think? Should tower blocks be replaced with terraces?