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Thursday 28th July 2016
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Cameron Rips Into Harman's LBC Remarks In PMQs

Wednesday 16th July 2014

David Cameron has attacked Labour for having a confused policy on tax after Harriet Harman told LBC people on middle incomes should pay more tax.

During Prime Minister's Questions, Mr Cameron challenged Ed Miliband over the comments made by his deputy during her new phone in show.

The Prime Minister told the House of Commons: "The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party on the radio said this - and I want to quote it very precisely.

"'I think people on middle incomes should contribute more through their taxes.' That is what she said.

"They should, there we are, that is their policy. The squeezed middle will be squeezed more."

The Labour leader responded by saying it was totally desperate stuff from the Prime Minister.

So did she actually say that? Well, they are indeed the words that Ms Harman used on LBC on Monday, although it's possible that the 3-second soundbite was taken a little out of context.

A longer quote from that part of her show reads: "I think there are some things that help people on low incomes and others that help people on middle incomes.

"Yes, I think people on middle incomes should contribute more through their taxes, but actually they need those public services like the transport system."

While David Cameron is correct that Ms Harman said that, it is possible that she meant middle income people should pay more than lower income people - something which few people could argue with.

The Conservatives haven't been slow in using this clip. This graphic was recently posted on their social media channels.

Harman tax graphic

One thing is clear - it's another LBC show that has got people talking, including the Prime Minister.

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