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Sunday 24th July 2016
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Can Anyone Attend A Celebrity's Wedding?


The Church has to be open for everybody for weddings - so anyone with objections can raise them - How does that work for celebrities/royals?
Michelle, Woking


Name: Graham, Heathrow
Qualification:  taxi driver, dropped off people at William and Kate's wedding.
With celebrities, they hire castles and private places and stick security guards on the door.
In a church anybody can go. In the royal wedding they send out enough invitations that no-one else can fit in.
If there is space left anyone else can come in, hence why you have your bands read/posted before the wedding - so anyone with objections knows about the wedding and can go along and raise them.

Name: Michael, Tunbridge Wells
Qualification: Vicar
You can't turn anyone away at any church wedding. The reasons the bands are posted/read before the ceremony is to give people the opportunity to object then, but also can object at the ceremony.


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