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Sunday 28th August 2016
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Can You Create A Gravity Free Environment on Earth?


Can you create gravity free environment on Earth?
Ken, Herne Hill



James O'Brien: Yes, you go round really fast and create g-force.

Name:Professor Hal
Qualification: Professor of Public Understanding of Science at the University of Brighton and Mystery Hour hero.
If you live in a tall block of flats you can recreate a gravity free environment (not recommended though!) by getting into the lift on the top floor and asking your friend to cut the cable. As the lift falls and you fall with it there is nothing keeping you to the floor of the lift so you are in a gravity free zone. They use something like this to train astronauts.
They also stick astronauts in a modified jumbo jet that does a rollercoaster style journey. It accelerates very high into the sky, as it gets to the top of the first hill, as it were, and levels out the people inside will continue accelerating upwards and the floor will drop away - they will feel gravity free.
The film Apollo 13 was filmed in one of those jets to recreate the gravity free environment.

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