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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Can You Pass Our Highway Code Quiz?

Thursday 5th April 2012

One in six drivers simply ignore road signs which they don't understand, according to a recent survey.

TrafficIt found that many drivers are in danger because they can't remember simple rules and road signs.

Julia Hartley-Brewer is asking how well do you know the Highway code? Take our quiz and see if you can get full marks.

1. On a long motorway journey boredom can cause you to feel sleepy. You should?
- Leave the motorway
- Find a safe place to stop
- Ensure a supply of fresh air into your vehicle
- All of the above

2. What is the speed limit for cars towing a small caravan on a motorway?

3. What is the speed limit on a road with street lights but no speed limit signs?

4. Who has priority at an unmarked crossroads?

5. What is the nearest you can park to a junction?

6. What do green studs on a motorway mean?

7. What does this sign mean?<a class='autolink' href='/traffic-road-closures-trains-and-tube-travel-news-3637'>traffic</a> sign

8. What does this sign mean?Traffic sign2

9. What is the correct sequence for traffic lights at junctions?

- Red and amber, green, red
- Green, amber, red
- Red, red and amber, green, amber
- Red, amber, green, amber

10. Who can be helped by school crossing patrol officers?
- Anyone who wants to cross
- Cyclists and children only
- Children under 14 only
- Adults with young children

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