Cancer Patient “Better Off Dead” Before Bereavement Cuts Take Effect

2 April 2017, 08:28

Cancer Patient “Better Off Dead” Before Bereavement Cuts Take Effect

The heartbreaking moment a terminally ill caller told Anushka he'd be better off dead before bereavement cuts take effect in April.


Father-of-two Alan is terminally ill, but it’s not only his cancer that has his family worried beyond belief.

His wife, Kate, called Anushka about the government’s benefit cuts to the bereaved, which comes into force in early April.

The move will see the maximum amount families will be entitled to claim in the future slashed.

However, it wasn’t until Kate put her husband on the telephone did Anushka hear the true extent of what these cuts would mean.

During a powerful conversation, Alan said: “It’s terrible, to be entirely truthful with you I said to my wife four weeks ago, it’s going to be financially better if my cancer takes me away before 5th April.

“Because, if I went even a day later, then my family has lost almost £80,000.

“I’m not sure what sort of benefit the family will get me being around for one extra day, because we’ve all been suffering for over four years.”

Watch the moving clip in full above.

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