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Sunday 28th August 2016
Max 21°C | Min 17°C

Canon EOS 7D

canon 7dWhat? A new top-end Digital SLR camera from Canon.

What does it do?
With a massive 18Meg sensor, the camera produces huge, top-quality photos and with a very high ISO setting, it will take fantastic photos, even in virtual darkness.

It also shoots a very impressive eight photos per second, ensuring that you get that shot that you're after.

Unusually for an SLR, it has some top quality features, including face recognition and HD movie recording. And you can view them all very clearly on the 3" screen.

Price: Not cheap, but you certainly get quality for the price.
£1,250 camera body only

One of the most dazzling cameras I've ever had the joy to play with.


This was a shot with the 7D Darren took at ZSL London Zoo this week, taken through a tiny hole in the glass...

7d photo1

And this is just how much detail is in the photo when you zoom into it...

7d photo