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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Cars and Cash Seized in Criminal Asset Raids

Tuesday 29th January 2013

Met Police have carried out raids across London to try to recover more than 2.5 million worth of illegal assets such as cars and cash.

Millions of pounds worth of confiscation orders are outstanding in the capital, despite repeated demands by the courts for criminals to pay the money back.

Seven criminals who dodged orders to pay back more than 2.2 million made from illegal activity such as drug trafficking, fraud and money laundering, were arrested during this morning's raids.

Addresses in Islington, Bromley, Southwark, Uxbridge were visited by Officers from the MPS Specialist and Economic Crime Command at 6.30am after they recieved warrants from the courts.

Detective Superintendent Nick Downing, from the Specialist and Economic Crime Unit was pleased with the work of his officers today and promised a lot more hard work ahead.  

"Today is the start of our activity to ensure that those criminals who have had confiscation orders imposed on them by the court, pay the outstanding amounts. We are committed to ensuring that asset confiscation acts as a deterrent and will continue to target those with outstanding orders until the full amount is paid.

"Some of these orders have been outstanding since 1995 and relate to a few hundred pounds whilst other offenders have over one million outstanding. Our message is very clear, if you have an outstanding confiscation order, take every opportunity to pay it now."

He added that the enforcement of these orders matters to everyone - a percent of the money seized can potentially be paid in compensation to victims.

Breakdown of the Seven men arrested:

1,343,873 - Bromley - original offence fraud
713, 336 - Hertfordshire - original offence trading standards fraud
25,707 - Islington - original offence drug trafficking
125,951 - Uxbridge - original offence counterfeiting
13,363 - Essex - handed himself in
44,738 - Southwark - original offence drug trafficking
5,190 - Bromley  - original offence money laundering and drug trafficking
3,053 - Islington - agreed to pay straight away

Last year judges ordered the recovery of more than 187m through 6269 separate confiscation orders.