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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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Clegg Accused Of 'Pan-Sexualism' And 'Polymorphic Perversion'

Thursday 28th August 2014

Nick Clegg was accused of "polymorphic perversion" and "pan-sexualism" over his plan to teach sex education to seven-year-olds.

The Deputy Prime Minister was left shocked as the eloquent Noah from Swansea let rip during Call Clegg this morning.

Noah told Mr Clegg: "Please stop pursuing this agenda of cultural Marxism with its theories of pan-sexualism and polymorphic perversion".

The Lib Dem leader responded: "I have been accused of many things in my time Noah, but nothing as polysyllabic or as contorted-sounding as that."

Nick Clegg went on to say many of the headlines surrounding the issue have been "total, utter bilge".

The Deputy PM continued, "What we're saying, is ask any teacher, ask any parent, that if you really want our children to grow up as responsible young adults, understanding the risks that are around - for instance the risks of online bullying and explicit sexual imagery online - you've got to start talking to people about relationships, about emotions, about how you interact with each other, from an early age.

"We are not prescribing exactly what is taught [or] when, we can easily have a bunch of people look at that and make recommendations but at the moment you've got sexual education guidance which is way out of date.

"You'll remember these young women who - in fact I think we talked about this on this show some months ago - who were saying, quite rightly, why is it that the whole online threat particularly to young girls of sexual intimidation and bullying and so on is not properly incorporated into those guidelines? They need to be revised and we need to allow all schools to do actually what a lot of very sensible schools do anyway, which is, in an age-appropriate way, talk to young children."

Mr Clegg also refuted the idea that it would lead to an increase in under-age sexual activity - calling the assertion "extraordinary".

"What, you think the moment you start talking to them about each other and how they interact with each other they're suddenly going to sort of descend into some bout of promiscuity?

"Far from that, all the evidence shows - and I believe in evidence Noah, not just these wild assertions that you're making - the evidence shows that that's the best way to protect our children and to bring down unwanted pregnancies, which are still at far too high rates in our country."