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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Farage & Clegg Clash Over Immigration

Wednesday 26th March 2014

Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage clashed over EU immigration during the LBC Leaders' Debate.


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The Liberal Democrat leader rubbished a leaflet from UKIP's recent by-election, which claimed that 29million Bulgarians and Romanians would come to Britain when they joined the EU.

Mr Clegg chided: "There aren't even 29million people living in their own country."

The Deputy Prime Minister said the Government had "significantly tightened up the rules" about immigration, and people "can't simply receive benefits, no questions asked" on their first day in the country.

He told the LBC Leaders' Debate: "Actually people who come to our country, they create wealth, they pay taxes, they help sustain our NHS.

"To pull up our drawbridge, we would destroy jobs for everybody in this country and that is something I am not prepared to see happen."

"Let's not scare people by claiming things that are not true which would have the consequence of making us poorer and putting more people out work."

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Mr Farage said two million Romanians and Bulgarians had already left their countries.

He said free movement in the EU "might have been OK when we were in with countries like the Netherlands, France and Germany" but the accession of eastern European countries had changed the situation.

"For hundreds of thousands of people, working in trades like the building industry, we have had a massive over-supply of labour and you've seen your wages go down over the last 10 years as the cost of living has gone up and that is not fair on working people in this country."