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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Clegg Denies Bedroom Tax U-Turn: We Want To Fix It

Thrusday 17th July 2014

Nick Clegg told LBC he hasn't done a U-turn on Bedroom Tax after his party said it should be scrapped for disabled people.

The Liberal Democrats also wants the spare room subsidy suspended for those who are unable to find a smaller property.

The Deputy Prime Minister's defended his position on the reform despite seemingly supporting it in the past. He told LBC: "We're not binning the whole thing. We're actually going to say it has to apply to new tenants.

"The big difference between us and the Labour and Conservative Party is unlike Labour, we're not sticking our head in the sand - of course you have to do something about housing benefit reform and you have to do something about overcrowding.

"But unlike the Conservatives, we want to do it as fairly as possible.

"We published a report, commissioned by the government itself, which simply showed it wasn't working in the way that it was intended.

"I'm a practical man. I think that when something isn't working in the way you planned for it to work, you fix it."

nick clegg 17jul14

Mr Clegg revealed that the Liberal Democrat changes mean that if you have been offered a smaller property and refused it, then you will have to pay the subsidy. But if you want to move and haven't been offered a new property, then you won't be penalised. 

The Deputy Prime Minister also said the Liberal Democrat plan would treat disabled adults in the same way as disabled children. 

He added: "I've been constantly badgering away within government with the DWP to try to make sure that we really stress test this properly.

"And I am not in any way altering my view that we need to do something to reform housing benefit and I'm supporting the application to new tenants, for people who are offered to go to a smaller property but say no. It applies to them."