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Wednesday 31st August 2016
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Clegg Or Cable? Boris: It's A Louse Or A Flea

Wednesday 4th June 2014

Boris Johnson dismissed the battle for the Liberal Democrat leadership as a battle between a louse and a flea.

The Mayor of London was asked who he thought would be better as leader of the Lib Dems - Nick Clegg or Vince Cable.

But Mr Johnson dismissed the question by snarling "Who cares?" as he likened the two politicians to bugs.

"You're disputing the precedence between a louse and a flea as Dr Johnson once said, who cares? It's a matter of cosmic indifference in my view," Boris Johnson responded.

"Old Cleggy has done not a bad job, he has served in a grown up way to keep the coalition going," he continued, with rare praise for the Deputy Prime Minister.

"I know both of them a little bit, I've certainly spent more time with Nick, he's actually a very nice guy as I'm sure you would testify and his wife is absolutely charming as well.

"I've got nothing against Nick personally and to be fair to him he's done this country a great service by going into Government and taking the hit.

"He decided to take away from the Liberal Democrats that priceless virginity that they had.

"They'd never been sullied, never been contaminated by Government and then he put them into office and there they are and they're exposed for what, of course, they are which is shabby deal doing politicians and he's paying a terrible political price but I respect him because he's enabled the Government to get on and cut the deficit and do the things that this country needs doing."