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Saturday 27th August 2016
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Baffling Olympic Road Signs: Which Lane?

Sunday 15th July 2012

Road users have been left baffled by the new road layouts for the Olympics.

- Olympic Road Closures - Keep Moving Through The Games

Olympic Lanes have appeared all over London, reserved for athletes, officials and sponsors and regular drivers are not permitted to use them.

But the new signs have left the capital's drivers confused by the contradictory messaging, with no idea which lane they are supposed to be using.

James Max stumbled across this new junction in Russell Square, two lanes being merged, leading to both an Olympic lane and a bus lane.

Russell Square

Which lane are you supposed to use? Any idea? Have your say in the box below...

Howard Collins, from Transport for London, told Kay Burley on LBC 97.3 the majority of the Games Lanes don't start til July 25th, two days before the Games in London begin, and in case like Russell Square the bus lane will be painted over and removed.