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Thursday 25th August 2016
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Council Plans to Evict Tenants Who Refuse to Work

Monday 14th November 2011

Wandsworth Council is planning to evict people on benefits from their council homes if they refuse to look for work.

All new housing applicants would be given fixed-term tenancies with new homes only provided to those who are in work or agree to find a job.

Tenants who do not try to get work or training would face the prospect of losing their homes.

Speaking to LBC 97.3 Paul Ellis, Cabinet Member for Housing for Wandsworth Council, says he believes it is a fair system.

"We expect you to look for work, perhaps go into training, to retrain, and hopefully obtain work during that time. What we want from you as prospective new tenants is evidence that you're doing that. If you decide that you tried working once, you didn't like it very much and it wasn't quite for you well after two years you can be looking for someone else to live."

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