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Tuesday 30th August 2016
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Councils Pay Out £2m To People Injured In Schools

Thursday 14th May 2014


Councils paid out almost 2million in compensation to teachers and pupils who were injured in school last year.

school injury

The figures, obtained by LBC, show that school children are receiving large amounts in compensation when they get hurt during the day.

Of that amount, 237,000 was awarded to pupils who fell over in school.

The total amount that was paid out last year is 1,966,187.37 - a figure which is almost as eyewatering as some of the injuries suffered.

One pupil in Stoke received 6,145 after bending to pick up a football just as another child kicked it, breaking his finger, while a pupil in East Sussex got 14,293.40 after fracturing his arm falling over a metal boot scraper in the playground.

Southampton Council twice paid out 100,000 to injured individuals, once to a teacher and once to a pupil who fell down the stairs.

An Local Government Association spokesman said: "Councils recognise that teachers deserve the right to enjoy a safe working environment and work alongside schools to help them provide classrooms, where they, and their pupils, are happy, protected and able to fulfil their academic potential.

"However, when issues unfortunately arise it is down to individual councils to work with headteachers to thoroughly assess each individual case and react accordingly.

"We recognise that it is important to get safety right and, as a result, lower the taxpayer-funded bill so we can maximise our resources to ensure every child gets the education they deserve."

The Top 10 Compensation Payouts

1. Teacher in Southampton got 100,000 for Item from cupboard caught on metal strip causing injury.

2. A pupil in Southampton got 100,000 when they fell on the stairs.

3. A teacher got 90,000 in Gloucestershire for an injury.

4. A pupil in Southend got 45,000 for a "personal injury" in Southend.

5. Teacher in Sheffield got 40,000 for "occupational asthma".

6. Teacher in Darlington got 39,218 for for tripping in the school car park.

7. A kitchen worker in Southend got 34,000 when the Claimant slipped on oil within school sustaining an injury.

8. A teacher who slipped in Sunderland was paid 32,000.

9. 23,079 for a teacher in Kent who suffered an injury.

10. In East Sussex, a member of staff got 22,500 when they were walking down steps onto a mat - placed at the bottom of the steps to help prevent this area from being damp and water pooling - when she tripped on the edge of the mat which was curled up. As a result claimant sustained injury to her left knee, left shoulder/elbow and arm.