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Friday 26th August 2016
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Digital Radio

Why go digital?

With the price of digital radios continually coming down, there has never been a better time to switch to Digital radio. You can now pick up a Digital Radio for under £50.

Need convincing? Check out all the reasons why you should go digital...

white-radio.jpg1) Many stations are available in more places
You could be listening to your favourite station in more places with a Digital radio.

Visit the postcode checker to see what stations you are likely to receive where you live at:

2) Easy TuningWhite Digital Radio
white-dab-radio.jpg You don’t have to remember frequencies any more, with a digital radio you can simply scroll through the available station names and select your favourite. Easy!

3) Scrolling Text
Many Digital Radio stations provide loads more information on the scrolling text display from phone numbers to the name of a song!

Highway DAB Radio.jpg4) All Shapes and Sizes
There is a Digital Radio to suit every room and every occasion – portable, personal, hi-fi, iPod docking, kitchen radio, clock radio to name a few. All models will automatically reset the time when the clocks change.

5) You can even get Digital Radio in your car
The Pure Highway lets you listen to your favourite station while you’re on the move!

Robi with ipod.jpg6) Digital Radio for your iPod is here!
This convenient little add on will let you listen to Digital Radio through your ipod wherever you are.

7) Pause and Rewind*

Just missed the latest traffic report or your favourite song? With this feature you’ll never miss out again.

DAB radio with speakers.jpg8) Record*
Just like a VCR you can record programmes and listen to them at your own pace. Please note recorded programmes are for personal use only.

9) Input for MP3, CD or Minidisc players*
You can listen to your own tunes through your radio speakers.

IpodDAB.jpg10) Charge Up and Play*
You can now find Digital Radios that have a built in iPod docking station!

11) MP3 Players with Digital Radio

Listen to Digital Radio from your very own personal MP3 player!

Dualit DAB Radio.jpg12) Get more stations
In most places you can receive twice the number of stations available on AM/FM.

* Advanced models only

Digital Radio Changes

On Thursday 1st March we're making some small changes to the way we broadcast on DAB Digital Radio. Here's what you need to do to keep listening from 27th March.

white-dab-radio.jpgYou may see the station name on your radio change to "Station Moved" or "Moved". If it does, just tune into us again – you'll see us listed as LBC 97.3 as usual. You'll also need to re-save LBC 97.3 on any preset buttons you use, and if your radio has an alarm clock facility, you may need to check that it's set to LBC 97.3 for the wake up alarm.

If the station name hasn't changed, use the Scan or Autotune facility on your radio, and then follow the instructions above. If you see LBC 97.3 listed with a "?" after it, ignore that entry – chose the entry that doesn't have a question mark after it.

Your listening won't be interrupted at this stage, and you have until Tuesday 27th March to retune and re-set your presets.
What To Do

1) Press the Autotune/Autoscan button.

2) Re-save any presets they have stored

3) Visit for more information

On April 10th, if you haven't retuned you'll lose reception – your radio may say "Service Off-Air". Don't worry – we're still on your radio, but you'll need to retune and reset your presets.

You can get more information, help, and links to individual manufacturers' instructions on the Digital Radio UK Website –


What's this change?
On 1st March, many DAB Digital Radio stations are changing their Service Identifiers (their SIds). This is to reflect changes happening on FM Radio, and various changes that have happened in radio over the last couple of years. These changes won't happen very often, the radio industry co-ordinates them to minimise the disruption to listeners.

Will I lose reception?
No. The radio stations are only changing their SIds. They're still being transmitted in the same way, from the same transmitters, covering the same area. If your radio says it's lost reception and can't find the station again, please contact the manufacturer of your radio. Their details will be on the Digital Radio UK Website -

Is this connected with Digital Switchover?
No. This is just routine work to keep DAB Digital Radio working to the agreed specification. It will also improve the experience of digital radio for some in-car radios, allowing them to automatically retune more reliably as they move between areas.

I listen on Digital Television (Sky, Freeview, Virgin Media), or on the Internet, or on my mobile phone. Does this affect me?
No. These changes are only happening on DAB Digital Radio.

Will things change on FM Radio?
Similar changes are being to the station identifiers used on FM (the PI codes) - this mainly affects car radios. If the presets on your car radio don't work as normal, just tune in manually and resave your preset.

Want to find out more?

To find out more about the benefits of Digital Radio, some of the stations available on Digital Radio or Digital Radio products visit

For more information on stations and products available download a Digital Radio Essential Guide.

The website specialises in selling a variety of Digital Radios. It offers a large selection of Digital Radios from manufacturers such as Pure, Roberts, Sony, Intempo and Teac to name but a few.

To find our more about Digital Radio and for the best offers on the latest digital radios click here

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