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Wednesday 24th August 2016
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Do astronauts need a passport?


Do astronauts have to carry passports when they travel in space? Or some sort of ID?
Barry, Chelmsford


** Definitive ** - REVOKED!
Name: Dave, Chingford
Qualification: My friend is in the military
Answer: No. A friend of mine is in the army and has been over to Afghanistan, but he doesn’t have to take his passport if they travel en masse. A space shuttle is a military operation, so it’s covered by the same rules. Plus, if a space shuttle lands at Stansted, they are not going to ask where it came from!

Name: Rachel, Windsor
Qualification: Husband is in the army
Answer: My husband is in the military and he always needs his passport when they go on a tour of duty. They have to show their passport and they have to go through customs. So the answer above is wrong.

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