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Sunday 29th May 2016
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Do MPs get paid once Parliament is dissolved?


On 12th April, parliament is dissolved. Do the MPs still get paid?
Mark, Hackney


** Definitive **
Name: Iain Dale
Qualification: LBC Presenter and Top political blogger
Answer: They do get paid up until 7th May, the day after the election. The reason I know this is because I compered a political quiz night last week and that was one of the questions! That’s fair, as they are still MPs in theory, as they will still have to deal with constituency queries even during the campaign.

Name: Brian, via email
Qualification: I know the answer above is wrong!
Answer: Oh dear - for an LBC presenter and 'top political blogger' this is not good enough. MPs cease to become MPs as soon as parliament is dissolved so they are not currently 'MPs in theory' If they are standing again they are candidates. if they are not then they are nobody special. They may continue to get paid, that i do not know. but they are not MPs, not allowed to use the hoorific MP, not allowed to use House of Commons facilities or notepaper and so on. I expect better from your experts.